Out of the 4 bosses, which boss is the hardest?

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  3. Out of the 4 bosses, which boss is the hardest?

User Info: G_P_L_A

4 years ago#1
from hardest to easiest

1. praetorian
2. Banshee (in platinum, a sync kill machine)
3. Geth Prime (annoying, but slow)
4. Atlas

User Info: i5tioneyes

4 years ago#2
atlas is the easiest bc of the giant orange windshield and theyre dumb/slow. then banshees that really are not dangerous at all sans sync kills and annoying teleporation.
i'd say its a tie between the praetorian and the prime. the praetorian lasers are instadeath on plat and the prime is well the prime

User Info: The_404s

4 years ago#3
Praetorian, easy.

All the others are very easily avoided and not much of a thread once you're familiar with their behavior.

Scions are a lot harder than the majority of those bosses.

User Info: Welcommatt

4 years ago#4
Praetorians are the ones I hate for their instakill, the rest of them it's normally your fault.
Primes are a joke, I could take them with any vanguard without ever taking cover.
I hate atlases because their cannon (not the rocket) doesn't even register when you get hit, no stagger or noise to indicate you should move. It's like the phantom's hand cannon.
Banshees will kill squishy classes with dot warpball from halfway across the map, and they do sometimes teleport>grab way too easily.

Worst to best:
5. Prime
4. Atlas
3. Banshee
2. praetorian
1......possessed scion. Goddess help us all.
(message deleted)

User Info: SodaPop101

4 years ago#6
one on one I say prime. Just because he can send turrets through walls and so many times i've had that damn drone stagger me out of softcover.

With backup. Praetorian because it's lasers and missiles force you on hard cover. What with the constant bees and a-bombs about it's a death trap if you slip up on spacial awareness duty.

User Info: GoldenSWarriors

4 years ago#7
hardest to easiest

1. Prime
2. Praetorian
3. Banshee
4. Atlas
GT: F3rocious Panda

User Info: sheepman23

4 years ago#8
Prime > Praetorian >>>>>> Banshee >> Atlas

I would've ranked Banshees below Atlases if it wasn't for all of the times that I've been sync-killed by them. If you can keep track of where they are, though, Banshees are a pushover.

Primes and Praetorians are by far the toughest, and they're the reason why Wave 8 of Collectors Platinum is a nightmare...
XBL GT - Sheepman2342

User Info: twinstarnumber1

4 years ago#9

I honestly can't remember the last time i've been sync killed by a banshee. Atlas' are push overs but their rockets can hit you around corners and get you even if you're in cover. A Praetorian IMO isn't really all that hard but the other two below are so much easier. A Prime can always get you, no matter if you run, hide, he can always find a way to hit you.
XBL Gamertag: mydarkstar --- PSN: mydarkstar

User Info: TheSocialBunny

4 years ago#10
From my experience from hardest to easist:

1. Praetorian:
Huge freaken' bug big enough to block escape routes with a counter intuitive weak spot, laser eyes that obliterate your shields even if you're exposed by a millimetre, magic anti-power barrier... and that's just when they are not possessed! Also... there's like a 90% chance there will be a Scion right next to them shooting you in the face while you play laser tag.

2. Banshee:
The queen of the sync-kill and her teleport is random enough that when their are two of them at the same time, it's easy to lose track of them only to find yourself sync-killed two seconds later. Her tendency to sync-kill is so high on Gold that if you Medi-Gel anywhere near her she'll pick you right off your feet and murder you to death again for realz. Not too bad if you're a sniper, but if you typically fight at close range or get cornered, things can go real bad real fast.

3. Atlas
Only a real threat if you're fighting them long range with a whole lot of other enemies in between you as they are quite predictable with their rocket launcher of great justice. It also helps that they are practically the slowest enemy in the game, although they sure can eat a lot of damage. The Atlas is also a synthetic target so kits with Energy Drain, Sabotage, Overload, etc, can really shine when facing one.

4. Prime
Primes are a mixed bag, against classes with anti-synthetic abilities, they are by far the easier of the bosses, however, on Gold you start to immediately notice that their drones and turrets start hurting a LOT (And for the love of all things holy I wish the Juggernaut Turret had enough sense to look different). Characters with Energy Drain in particular can go forever toe to toe with a Prime though... assuming they don't get shot in the back of the head by a hunter or anything like that. Primes are very gentlemanly though, I love how they point at you to warn you ahead of time that they're going to shoot you to death. Also, their lack of a sync-kill makes them pretty much the Krogan's favourite brawling buddy, although they are a nightmare for classes without AoE.
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  3. Out of the 4 bosses, which boss is the hardest?

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