Question about ending when you destroy reapers & all synthetics SPOILERS

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User Info: briguyw

4 years ago#11
From: Enemy_AC130 | #010
Nice job putting spoilers in the topic title, and then putting the spoiler warning at the end.

User Info: mjc0961

4 years ago#12
HollowVP posted...
It's none of those.

Obviously, it's from the beginning of Mass Effect 2 when Shepard gets knocked into space. The scene is telling you that you survived and everything after, recruiting squad mates, Cerberus, TIM, the collector base, the Reapers invading Earth, was all a dream.

Yes, my conclusions are terrible, I'm just joining the club.

Still a better conclusion than Indoctrination Theory.
sirtonne posted...
This topic is so stupid I had to slap my wife.

User Info: Eamon696

4 years ago#13
Billy-De-Kid posted...
Jabroni2000 posted...
Billy-De-Kid posted...
Jabroni2000 posted...
Neither. It's Shepard's body in the wreckage of the Citadel.

It show's the body in a pile of concrete rubble. Last I checked, the Citadel wasn't made of concrete.

Also, the Citadel exploded.

The file shows that it is, in fact, Shepard. Indoctrination Theory evidence? Likely.

The Citadel's massive, there's all sorts of material all over it. It's basically a giant floating city and we have no idea which part of it Shepard was on. Goes to your second point as well - yes it explodes, but you see the arms flying off. Those arms are basically huge cities in and of themselves with millions of people on it. It didn't just blow up, parts of it likely survived and drifted through space. Makes sense they'd eventually find them and search for survivors.

Bioware has denied IT on their message boards since the game's release. It's a fan theory, not actually canon in any way. Considering how they got slammed for the ending and how they released the Extended Cut, if IT were true they would have just said so and made a bunch of people very happy. But that's not the actual ending of the game, so they didn't.

You make many good points, but it would have been cool if the IT were true.

No it wouldn't have been cool because that would mean Bioware purposely withheld the actual ending from the game. That would set a bad precedent for future games.
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  3. Question about ending when you destroy reapers & all synthetics SPOILERS

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