What class,build,weapon and strategy do I need to carry my weight in gold

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User Info: eatsamyoizza

4 years ago#1
On bronze or silver I do fine but on gold I just barely survive. Even with my krogaurd. Any tips? I just came back to this game so I dont have all the new classes yet but I have one of the n7s.
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User Info: Havoc49J

4 years ago#2
You can carry a team through gold with just about anything. There's no secret class and weapon combo to unlock EZ mode. Some classes are easier than others, but not the day and night change your after.

My favorite class is the default human vanguard and I can handle myself just fine. The new classes aren't a straight improvement on the characters you already have.

User Info: Mr_arizona

4 years ago#3
Any build will work if you play it right. Problem going from Silver to Gold is the enemy is a lot tougher and less forgiving. If the Kroguard is not doing it for you then likely you need to use better strategy and tactics.

Pick a class that is less in your face until you start getting the hang of it. A sniping Infiltrator or power focused Engineer are decent to get a feel for Gold.

User Info: midsizelebowski

4 years ago#4
Watching people who are better at doing what I'm trying to do helps me get better faster. Here's a video of a guy who's good at the Kroguard, with his gear at the beginning and build at the end:

And Havoc, your human vanguard videos are awesome

User Info: rfr6073

4 years ago#5
Some ways to improve your Kroguard, looking at your build I see it is specced for melee, that is generally a bad idea on Gold and Platinum. Instead invest in health and barrier strength. Equip your reegar with AP and spare ammo mods, incendiary ammo, stronghold gear. Start with geth enemy, charge, reegar, charge resulting in fire explosion, reegar...it is the classic gold solo kit.
For other enemy factions be careful charging (near) sync kill enemies, keep the force of your biotic charge >1000 to stagger phantoms. Also never expose yourself to more than 2-3 enemies at the same time. Lastly make sure to never have enemies approach you from behind, the Kroguard will get staggered when attacked from behind.
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User Info: SRR Capdown

SRR Capdown
4 years ago#6
Find some friends who are of the same level or are better than you. Gold (and Plat) seems to be largely populated with people who aren't even Silver-capable.

Also, friends won't mind carrying you a little bit and you get to see how they do things, what set ups they use (though Havoc is correct and there is no definitive class and weapon combo, in the right hands every class is capable of doing well on every difficulty) and so on and so forth. Ask on here if there's anyone who wants to play with you. There's plenty of great players on here that will be more than welcome to help you out.

It just sounds more like you're just struggling a bit with the learning curve. You'll get better though. Drop Bronze and stick to Silver and throw in a few Golds every now and then, after a while you'll start to see how easy Silver is. It's what most people did here when the game started up.
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User Info: RKO_Viper

4 years ago#7
Any class that can set up and detonate biotic explosions well is good enough for gold.

Classes like the basic Human Adept, Krogan Shaman, and Asari Infiltrator are excellent on gold.

I also found it more difficult to play classes that are reliant on weapon damage if you don't have any good weapons. If you can get your hands on a Hurricane, or Harrier, you'll be set.
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User Info: HueyFreman

4 years ago#8
Looked at your manifest and you have some classes that don't require high class weapons.

- Spec for melee and biotic hammer, wreck geth and learn when to hit other bosses that sync kill

Vorcha Sold/Sent
- Spec for health regen and flamer damage/range. Take an acolyte or reagar and you could be ready for platinum even

Male Quarian Infiltrator + Claymore
- Cloak and spam arc grenades. Shoot when you're ready to decloak.

Those are relatively simple to play as and don't require much from their weapons. Also, learn to use your incidiary and warp ammo as those two are considered the best and you have a good amount of them.
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4 years ago#9
Turian Ghost Infiltrator and the Alliance Infiltration Unit make gold easy with any halfway decent weapon, they almost literally can't die short of grabs.... however you might as well tatoo "NOOB" on your head if you use either of them. It's basically the equivilent of spamming grenades in COD and calling yourself "good".

To a lesser Extent, the Geth Juggernaut is like this too, but don't play him if you actually wana have fun. He takes half a wave to walk from side of the map to the other and basically does nothing but spam horribly weak shield-drain melee the whole time. Each Juggernaut in a game adds anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes to your game completion time.

Those three EZ mode classes take little skill, any character is viable on Gold if you're good, but gold is HARD to get good at. Most of your survivability comes from knowing how to use soft cover and when to retreat (as well as knowing the map layout). Shields and health won't help you much with as quickly as the enemies put out damage. 1000 shields will burn out in just as many bursts of enemy fire as 500 shields will most of the time.
Survivability comes from knowing how to use the "shield gate" and "health gate". When your shields burn out, no extra damage carries over into your health (unless the damage was dealt by an explosion), and health behaves much the same way, you'll always have at least 1 HP left when taking any hit. These "buffers" take a few seconds to come back though once they've been triggered.

User Info: Rogue Mutt

Rogue Mutt
4 years ago#10
Maybe try something that isn't so close-range oriented? Do you have the Salarian Infiltrator? You can play from a distance while staying relatively safe. Energy Drain helps keep you alive and Proximity Mine help the team tear down bosses.

Or give a detonation focused class a try. The Paladin is awesome for it, but the default Human Engineer can work wonders with Fire Explosions also.
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  3. What class,build,weapon and strategy do I need to carry my weight in gold

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