Looking for Platinum Players (on PS3)

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User Info: Strykerr85

4 years ago#1
Like the topic says, I'm looking for reliable squad mates to roll with on Platinum. I'm sick of carrying my team on Gold and the few Platinum lobbies I do look for usually end early as a miserable failure with a team of players dieing on wave 1 - 3.

I know this is the X-Box 360 Board for ME3, but as most of you are probably aware, the PS3 ME3 board is pretty much dead or on life support at least. I know PS3 players started posting in this forum a long time ago (before I took a several month hiatus from the game after the Earth DLC came out), so I figure there must still be some PS3 players lurking around this board.

I'm not trying to come across as some super star ME3 player, but I can hold my own on Platinum. I've beaten it before on different maps against different enemies and I've topped the list while doing so on multiple occasions... it just seems like its hard to find players in Platinum lobbies that actually belong there... on PS3 at least; maybe its different on 360.

If you play on PS3 and want to squad up for some Platinum rounds, my PSN ID is the same as my gamefaqs ID - Strykerr85

User Info: 3PiesAndAFork

4 years ago#2
I play on the PS3 too, and I know there are lots of other ps3 players who do too. That being said, I'm the wrong guy for the job as I can hold my own on gold, but I'm close to plat ready. Especially since my manifest is garbage (don't have every gold gun, and ones I do have aren't above lvl 4 tops)
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User Info: fennell92

4 years ago#3
psn: NeroOni

I'm definitely not a superstar, but I can hold my own on platinum and carry on gold if needed. I might not be on too much though with finals looming.

User Info: bman52480

4 years ago#4
I constantly play platinum and I'm sick of all the scrubs trying to join my games. Just finally finished best of the best so am finally free to return to classes I can do major damage with.

If you want send me a friend request. PSN is killerbman. I am on late nights usually though (US central time).
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User Info: KADFC

4 years ago#5
PSN: KaddyKickass

I only do plat. Usually get 1st or 2nd and that is with nothing on, but gear; unless it's collectors. Still need a few 100 waves for a few maps (Reactor, Condor, Goddess, and London). Super excited if any of those.

The PS3 board isn't fully dead. Just not that many plat players.

User Info: Tbx66

4 years ago#6
yEah right.
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User Info: scipiopublius

4 years ago#7
There is a thread on the PS3 boards about Platinum players if you haven't checked in a while.



User Info: KADFC

4 years ago#8
Tbx66 posted...
yEah right.

i no 4 a fct i bttr thn u lol
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