Poll: Out of the packs, which one has given you the most Ultra rare weapons?

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User Info: nathraxh

4 years ago#41
Shad0wCK posted...

Why no lunch pack option? Fail poll.

Actually, it's pretty successful since its helped me.

You think the results of the poll have helped you? Then you have a lot to learn about statistical analysis. The Premium Spectre Pack is the most-bought pack. It's practically the default pack for most players, because it's cheap and comes with a chance for ultra-rares while still supplying other good equipment and two definite rares.

So if everyone's buying that all the time, then of course they will have found their Black Widows in PSPs. Along with most of their other weapons, too. That does not make the Premium Spectre Pack any more likely to carry that weapon than any other rare-containing pack. Or perhaps you'd worked that out for yourself? If you had, you'd have realised that everything Pipboy said on the subject was correct.
Dwarf shortage.

User Info: Shad0wCK

4 years ago#42
Mr_Pipboy posted...
Shad0wCK posted...
Who the hell do you think you are? Just because you can’t help me doesn’t mean I can’t help myself, which I did. I’d recommend you stop trying to twist things into your favour. Firstly, there is no help you can give me. Secondly, I never said I was confused, stop assume things which aren’t there. Your advice was absurdly vague. I’m sorry if you think saying ‘It’s random” is a definite answer. That’s the equivalence of saying ‘I don’t know’. You certainly wouldn’t survive University standards.

You can sling insults if you wish. That sounds suitable for someone as reckless as you. I find it highly amusing you, someone utterly ambiguous is suggesting that I’m *dumb*. You overreact like a kid because I’m not bowing down before your ‘implausible’ advice. Fact is, I asked a question which you did not know yet you believe you gave me ’helpful’ advice. I made another topic and then you complain because I didn’t heed your unhelpful guidance. You are still being unaccommodating, so I recommend leaving the topic.

TL:DR? Get over yourself and understand someone is allowed to research themselves an answer when your advice is tragically unhelpful. Close the door on your way out.

So you start the insults flying and then get mad and all red faced because someone throws it back at you? And yet I'm the one who is overreacting? Nice. Not going to work, but nice.

Just because you though it was a vague and incorrect answer does not make it so. You asked a question that HAS no definite answer. So you have to roll with the punches.. I also don't think you found it amusing that I said you seemed dumb (Notice how I didn't speak in definites, I don't know if you are or you aren't). I think it made you mad.

So I'm curious to see what you have learned. I said that unlock are random and only packs with set rare slots will give you URs. However I'm obviously wrong, am an idiot, and have no right trying to help people who want to learn. Have you learned otherwise? Are unlocks not random? Can you get URs from packs without set rare slots? Do you have a concrete number for the UR drop rate? Do you have a link or a quote from BioWare stating how the RNG works?

Wait a sec. There is always the possibility that you cannot actually read and are just hitting keys at random and are extremely lucky in creating words.

I would highly recommend working on your reading comprehension and stop assuming things which aren’t there. You need to understand that when I said your advice was vague it was is not directed as an insult. There’s a difference from saying, ‘you’re an idiot’ or ‘you’re being vague’. Allow me to congratulate you for shooting yourself in your own foot. You decided to get the insult bag out. I wasn’t the one who did it first.

How on earth do you think it’s not vague? LOL.. So in your thoughts, you think saying ‘It’s random” is a definite answer, not vague in the slightest sense. I imagine if I asked you to write about the themes in Macbeth you would just say it has themes of violence, time and fate. Keep thinking you’re the most intellect man on the planet. Your remarks of me being dumb didn’t affect me in the slightest. I won’t explain that to you through as it will be too complicated for you.

I’m actually bored of this argument. That includes most people here. I think I’ll just quote you and move on. You did say ‘Bye’ in your previous messages. I’m disappointed you didn’t leave. Allow me to say Goodbye.

“However I'm obviously wrong, am an idiot, and have no right forcing my option down peoples throats..”
It's true what they say, the grass is always greener, and you don't really know what it is you have, until it's gone...gone. Gone.

User Info: Mr_Pipboy

4 years ago#43
Shad0wCK posted...

So what have you learned about the unlock system then?

PS You forgot about Betrayal. MacBeth is rife with the struggle of power vs friendship.
In case you can't tell, I was being sarcastic.
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