Multiplayer Insanity,Tales from the Frontline

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User Info: Knightowl2425

4 years ago#1
On one of those 2 day Gold Trial cards I worked on leveling my N7 Destroyer so I could finish promoting him, on the last day of it some strange things happened to me.

1: Got to the 5th or so wave with all these guys popping in, standing there doing nothing, dying, and then quitting before the cycle would repeat. It was a ridiculous experience.

2: Fought all the way to the extraction with a single guy called ALLWILLDIE or something along those lines who was actually a great partner, again random people popped in died and left in that order without even putting up a fight.

3:Finally I was the only one in the quickmarch lobby and so I exited and went back in with everything random except bronze and I end up joining a match in progress...I popped up in front of a ****ing Brute, thankfully the three other guys seemed to be veterans and I had a bunch of multi-frags. Really would like to apologize to them for messing up their mojo, my mom and brother were going out to the store and they kept asking me to do this or that so I had to have my brother take over and he doesn't really play that type of game. Apparently one of them shot my character twice, no idea why, but most likely cause of my scattershot performance...

User Info: Jetblackmoon

4 years ago#2
Were you on Firebase Condor? There's a glitch where when you attempt to join a game, you'll get a "Waiting for other players" message that never goes away, so that's probably why you saw so many people join and then leave.
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