Y'all need to get on my level or gtfo

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  3. Y'all need to get on my level or gtfo

User Info: pcmike2

4 years ago#1
I'm rockin Turian ghost with 6/6/6/6/6 along with Harrier iv. Can easily solo platinum, get some NOOBS

For real, yo

Pcmike2 out DAWGS!!!
SSBB FC:0946-1920-8546

User Info: Nefhith

4 years ago#2
The Derp virus is spreading all over gfaqs.

User Info: SinisterSamurai

4 years ago#3
I don't take orders from computer hardware.
I order you to cease any and all supernatural activity and return forthwith to your place of origin, or to the nearest convenient parallel dimension.

User Info: i5tioneyes

4 years ago#4
Using ghost and harrier and calling people noobs is analagous to a fat kid on a training wheels bike calling motorcross riders scardiecats

User Info: woodym

4 years ago#5
what does "gtfo" mean?
Aye Aye.

User Info: Mr_Pipboy

4 years ago#6
woodym posted...
what does "gtfo" mean?

Get The Fridge Out
In case you can't tell, I was being sarcastic.
www.Omega-level.net | Salarian Sniper King

User Info: WrathofAchilles

4 years ago#7
pcmike2 posted...
...along with Harrier iv.

Not a Harrier X!? Pfft. I think we know who the REAL noob is...
Sum unum Halorum deorum, tangam te irrumatione.

User Info: fennell92

4 years ago#8
But I don't want to go down 20 times per round and use all my equipment by wave 2. I think I'll stay on my own level.

User Info: TheFeshPince

4 years ago#9
SinisterSamurai posted...
I don't take orders from computer hardware.

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  3. Y'all need to get on my level or gtfo

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