How do you play vanguard on gold/plat? (Besides Krogan & Slayer)

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  3. How do you play vanguard on gold/plat? (Besides Krogan & Slayer)

User Info: HueyFreman

4 years ago#1
Obviously there are certain vanguards that are used more than others (Kroguard/Slayer). However for other vanguards, how do you tend to play vanguard on gold and platinum?

Especially on platinum where biotic charge can lead to a sync kill.
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User Info: twinstarnumber1

4 years ago#2
1) only play vanguard as host. Off host is just asking to get yourself killed.
2) every boss has a tell that warns you that they can sync. Learning them will allow you to run circles around one with impunity. General rule is if a boss is firing or about to fire you're safe to charge. Don't ever charge a Banshee when it's teleporting.
3) always build your charge to at least 1000N of force that way you can stagger phantoms.
4) Keep your cooldown low and mind your situational awareness.
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User Info: Welcommatt

4 years ago#3
•Novaguards never appealed to me
•my Asari vanguard, Jinx, is pretty great with charge>lift nade>dodge away, plus stasis on mobs and phantoms can add a biosplosion to that combo
•drell vanguard: charge>cluster, a little melee, and locust/talon. Then he runs, not that great.
•pheonix: again just uses hit and run with charge>smash
•volus: mods for power recharge, orbs for power recharge, disciple. Volus biotic god pinball
•Batarian: blade armor always on. charge>brofist and wraith
•cabal: hurricane with full stability and damage passives, supplemented with nightshade blades. Skip her dash, biotic focus spam.

Vanguards aren't really my favorite, but they're an interesting change of pace sometimes.

User Info: GoldenSWarriors

4 years ago#4
just be picky about what you charge. If there is nothing safe to charge, just hide behind a wall and fire your gun.

and always be host unless using the cabal
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User Info: TimeShinigami

4 years ago#5
Nova-Cancel. And , despite it's unpopularity, I ALWAYS play off-host.
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User Info: terrysmay04

4 years ago#6
Dont get shot unless you have a safe charge. Use your ammo mods to make explosions. Choose your battlegrounds carefully, you cant always charge right away, try to make enemies come to a place where you have the advantage.
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User Info: sheepman23

4 years ago#7
- Play on host
- Pick and choose your targets
- Use Incendiary Rounds to create fire explosions

That's the best advice I can give. Some Vanguards (like the Slayer) are so much better on-host since you don't have to deal with lag from any of their powers, including Biotic Charge.
GT - Sheepman2342
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User Info: Havoc49J

4 years ago#8
Gold and Platinum play very differently as a Vanguard due to the boss spam on Platinum. Bosses, of course tend to have insta-kills, but more so their high health and stagger thredhold affects Vanguards. Vanguards are usually burst damage characters that rely on stun effects and quickly dispatching enemies to maintain their survivability. Therefore, its best to play to this strength and make your primary focus enemies that represent a large portion of the spawn budget, but can be quickly dispatched or debilitated. Preventing a Preatorian from spawning by depleting the budget is just as important as killing the one that's already roaming the map.

If your looking for a more in depth look I wrote a sizable Human Vanguard guide. I go into Charge mechanics and avoiding enemy insta-kills if your looking for cross character knowledge beyond that one class. This guides pretty out of date compared to my current builds and tactics, but I hope it's a good reference none the less.

User Info: perfect_general

4 years ago#9
You have to use charge more judiciously as a way to restore barriers or quickly move to other areas rather than as a main combat power. Most vanguards have other powers that you can use as your main damage output. The main exceptions are the human vanguard where charge-nova is a staple of his offense and the Cabal who plays completely differently than other vanguards as more of a hyper mobile/hit and run style.

Human - Havoc5J is the acknowledged expert so listen to him.

Asari - She can be used effectively in multiple ways. I personally like using her in mid range with grenade spamming, stasis/headshoting and using charge more defensively.

Drell - You have to constantly be on the move. Since pull is of limited utility (but still handy), I end up spamming charge following up with cluster grenades then getting the hell out of there. He's quick enough that you can usually flip out of the way after a charge to avoid sync kills.

Phoenix - Spam smash like crazy taking advantage that it goes through walls. The geth scanner is very useful with him for this reason.

Batarian - charge-heavy melee; he's virtually invincible while in his punch animation, though still susceptible to sync kills.

Cabal - she plays very differently as her charge is more of a mobility power than a combat power. That plus biotic focus makes her very difficult to kill. She's a great hit an run class that can slip easily out of any dangerous situation. You're have to rely more on weapon damage though has her power damage is very underwhelming.
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User Info: Cosmic_Diabetic

4 years ago#10
terrysmay04 posted...
Dont get shot unless you have a safe charge. Use your ammo mods to make explosions. Choose your battlegrounds carefully, you cant always charge right away, try to make enemies come to a place where you have the advantage.

i think thats just a general tip for any situation
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  3. How do you play vanguard on gold/plat? (Besides Krogan & Slayer)

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