I played a silver match yesterday for the first time in months

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User Info: sheepman23

4 years ago#11
I remember taking the jump from Silver to Gold last year. It really is a lot worse than Bronze to Silver, or even Gold to Platinum (the latter of which I almost see no difference, other than the higher number of bosses). It's been so long since I've played a non-solo Silver match that I can't even imagine how easy it would probably be now.

And I agree with Yamato on the objectives thing. Not saying that a great team would lose in a bad situation, but getting the London/Rio central hack on Wave 10 of Collectors Platinum is just setting a group of players up for failure, regardless of their skill level.
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User Info: Yandizbar

4 years ago#12
A messed up objective can occur during any match whether its bronze or platinum. Yes, bad stuff happens. But it isn't specific to a difficulty. Assuming all goes well, 9/10 times a prepared, well-equipped team with the characteristics I mentioned before will win. It's that simple.

User Info: phoenix52

4 years ago#13
Bad stuff is much worse on higher difficulties than it is on Bronze though. It goes from "Oh, guess I might have to gel or pop a survival pack" to "Oh, guess we're just going to wipe on this round".

I definitely think the jump to Gold is a shock. I've played on gold a decent amount in the past before taking a month or two without playing the game at all. After coming back I mainly stuck to Silver just to get my sea legs back, but reentering Gold is still a bit of a challenge. I have games where I can hardly keep myself alive despite using kits that I'm comfortable with on Silver. I know I'm not a great player or anything, but the bump really can get to most people pretty easily.
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  3. I played a silver match yesterday for the first time in months

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