How do you score above 9,999 in Armax Arsenel Arena?

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User Info: marleyism

4 years ago#1
From what I can tell, we have to score above 9,999 in a single (3-round) game at the Arena, not just accumulate over 9,999 points total. I figure the only way to do that is to use bronze and silver prizes to open up modifiers for the games -such as no medi-gel use, no ammo capacity refills, etc.

So for those who got a score above 9,999 in a single game, I'm curious what modifier combos you used to get there.

User Info: twinstarnumber1

4 years ago#2
generally the easiest to use would be no med-gel and no ammo crates, that's what i used. If you're good/have good equipment then you can use any without real difficulty.
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User Info: Rafficus_III

4 years ago#3
I just go up against super-elites, or the mirror match, and land constant kill streaks. Doing one or two restrictions may also help.
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User Info: Jagglenuttz

4 years ago#4
Once you unlock the restrictions and advanced enemy types it becomes really easy to break 9999. In fact, I think if you keep doing the arena challenges that you get in your email, eventually you unlock a challenge that automatically nets you over 9999 along with a special arena map.

User Info: bloodgod92

4 years ago#5
Make sure you and your squad mates all have grenades.

Set the game to gold/reaper/elites and have all of the game modifications that add a percentage to you score, all of them.

I was on an adept, so I got past the first 2 rounds in no time using only my grenades to take out all of the enemies as they spawned, I got 6.5k points due to the kill streaks, on the last wave I just sat there with the power wheel open, I chose targets on either side of the center of the enemy spawns, ensuring that my squads grenades would dish out enough damage evenly, I have Javik and Wrex, their lift grenades, along with my BW grenades together made short work of the entire wave. (They were equipped with PPR and Claymore as their main weapon)

I was playing on Hardcore, not insanity though... I ended up with >12,000 points...
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User Info: XgArrancar

4 years ago#6
Fight super-elites with as many of the restriction bonuses you are comfortable with and maintain your kill-streaks.

What class are you playing?
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User Info: SnkSolid3

4 years ago#7
I did Gold/Reaper/Elites (On insanity) with my Soldier shep. I took inferno grenade as my bonus power for this character (with all grenade upgrades you can carry 9 inferno grenades, since increased grenade upgrades stack), and use incendiary ammo with amplification.

Basically plays like a Krogan Soldier. Throw fire grenade, set off explosion with concussive shot. Since you know where the enemies spawn you can basically wipe everything before they even start fighting back.

Scored just south of 13k, and the only modifier I used was no ammo crates.
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User Info: marleyism

4 years ago#8
Thanks everyone. Before checking back here for messages, I used the modifiers: No Placed Ammo (+10%), and One-Shot Player Shields (+20%), and Foot Soldiers, Elites, and Super-Elites as my opponent. I got a score at the end of that game of over 11,000. Can't wait to try out the Cerberus Spirit Armor!

I'm playing a Vanguard Shepard with the Flare AT, and brought Liara & James. James runs out of grenades pretty fast, and it takes a while for his Carnage to regenerate, but he has staying power. Using custom armor pieces, I maxed out an even balance of Power Damage and Power Recharge using the Mnemonic Visor, Serrice Council Chest & Shoulders, Rosenkov Materials Arms & Legs, so I make heavy use of Biotic Charge, Nova, and my Biotic Punch -which is a great way to save ammo, get out of tight spots when your shields go down, and obliterate enemies when used in combos). I also use my right bumper to stop the timer and line up combos with my squad to max out my kill streak and win the round under 5 minutes.

I have 200% power recharge by using only the M-90 Indra V with the Sniper Rifle Extended Barrel V and Sniper Rifle Concentration Mod V and the Geth Plasma SMG V with the SMG Ultralight Materials V and SMG High Caliber Barrel V. However, I'm finding that I hardly ever use the SMG and use just the Indra. Not that it matters though -because you can't have more than 200% Power Recharge Speed, so I figure I might as well keep the SMG just in case I ever run out of ammo on the Indra.

User Info: marleyism

4 years ago#9
Ah shoot, where's my email to pick up the new armor?

User Info: marleyism

4 years ago#10
Aha! I figured it out. After winning a game with over 9,999 points, go downstairs to where you set up your game parameters, and to the right on the console is where you can check emails. That's where the message from Armax Arsenal Arena (AAA) will be waiting for you to trigger the Cerberus Phantom Armor pick up. ...I thought the email I was supposed to get would come to my personal terminal at my personal apartment, or on the Normandy.

Note that you should read all your emails where the game parameters console is downstairs from where the Armor Shop is. There are multiple messages requesting you play games with certain parameters to win money and even fulfill the wish of a little girl who had brain surgery. Awww....
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