Armax Arsenal Infil 9999 advice.

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User Info: BushidoMusashi

4 years ago#1
So I'm needing some advice for my infil playthrough. I saw another post but everyone was saying vanguard. Well I can't. So...

Which enemy, challenge, handicap, squad do you recommend for infiltrator ?

Thanks !
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User Info: Rafficus_III

4 years ago#2
Go against the Super-Elites, enemy faction doesn't really matter to my knowledge, try to keep up killstreaks, you don't have to have it on Insanity, use at least one to three handicaps, and you should be fine. I can easily get above 10k just off of super-elites, but I run a biotic death squad.
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User Info: BlackOps06

4 years ago#3
Shouldn't be very hard even on Insanity as long as you're decent at the game and have upgraded your stuff. I've done the Arena a number of times with different classes and I usually just run the Lancer and then enable No Medigel/Thermal Clips versus Cerberus Super-Elites (ridiculously easy to kill). You can easily break 10k if you're leveled up since everything minus Atlases should die near-instantly, resulting in huge streaks.
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