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User Info: darktonberry

4 years ago#1
So I finally decided to try to solo gold and on my second attempt I was able to extract. I know this isnt a huge feat for some of you but it is an accomplishment for me. I was using the Asari Infiltrator power build which I really hadnt messed around with too much but that class is fantastic. It was Giant/Reaper which could be the easiest solo but its just the combination that I have the most experience with. Ended with 261k and it took just under an hour (55 mins). Now I might as well go for the lone wolf banner.


User Info: DividerByZero

4 years ago#2
Congrats, how were your objectives? Any trouble spots? - Newest Article: Game Journalism
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User Info: darktonberry

4 years ago#3
First was drone escort which was the worst one for me. It started near extraction and ended at the bottom of the hill. I ended up having to use 3 ops packs which was more than I wanted to use in any wave. Second was targets so it was pretty easy. I used rockets on the first three and then used Dark Channel on the last and killed mooks will that did its job. The last was a hack at the bottom of the hill which looked bad because three brutes and 2 banshees decided to try and keep me company. The brutes were all close enough that I killed them in 1 rocket. I used another rocket on the 2 banshees and my last rocket on a brute and a couple marauders. I was about 75% at that point and the majority of enemies in my line of sight were ravagers but they are to slow to be a problem so I just stayed in cover. On wave 10 I had my only down which was to a ravager coming up the bridge to the sniping area. I rounded the corner instead of jumping down the ladder which was a mistake but I was able to get up and get to safety before I got surrounded.

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