Leveling up glitch

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User Info: MegaTape13

4 years ago#11
dk2101 posted...
Anyone know how to do this glitch?

Play a game as an N7 character or any other character left of them.
Level up.
Stay in the lobby. You likely got extra points on one or more characters right of the N7. Leaving the lobby will reset them.
Distribute the points.

If you don't want it to happen, don't do that.
If you want to fix it, promote or use a respec card.
If you don't care, fine, because neither does Bioware and it has virtually no impact on other players.
Oh the movie never ends...

User Info: Smacake

4 years ago#12
Don't switch characters while leveling up a class the character in the same class ithat you leave for another character gets 66666 glitched if not a a earth dlc character.
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User Info: perfect_general

4 years ago#13
The key is that you have to level up with a character card rather than from earned XP from a game once you reach 16th level. Also you have to have used a class that was not part of retaliation or reckoning DLC just prior to leveling up this way if you want all your retaliation and reckoning classes to be affected.
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