Think I'm ready for some gold

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User Info: phishface

4 years ago#1
Just did a silver glacier hazard Cerberus with a very good pug team. The top player was this guy, with a lvl20 TGI:

I finished around 1k behind him in score. We both died once. So I reckon if I can nearly match that guy with that build on silver, I might survive gold.

I’m looking for (tolerant) gold matches with people from here. Be warned though, I’ll be using my pulse jugg.
Gamertag: puremintoil

User Info: perfect_general

4 years ago#2
Feel free to add me, though I tend to play in the early mornings during weekdays and early afternoons on weekends.

GT: Hoboys
Attempting to solo gold with every class. Progress: 3/59

User Info: YamatoBeats

4 years ago#3
I'll be down for some. If you're good to go, I'll send an invite.
"Limits, like fears, are often just an illusion."

User Info: the13thheretic

4 years ago#4
If you are still available, I'll be on around 9:30 et tonight. I am really needing to start playing with non-randoms soon; my sanity is being slowly stripped away in pugs. Gt is in sig.
GT: Jestergrin13

User Info: phishface

4 years ago#5
Sorry, posted this and then immediately had to do a ton of work. Invites being sent now: I hope we can play
Gamertag: puremintoil

User Info: Mr_Pipboy

4 years ago#6
GT: Mr Pipboy ... feel free to send a FR
In case you can't tell, I was being sarcastic. | Salarian Sniper King

User Info: SolidDroid

4 years ago#7
I'm in every night past 8. Friend request me if ya want.
Gamertag- DROlD
(I is a L)

User Info: messy_mikey

4 years ago#8
What DROlD said, except I unfortunately can't play nearly as much right now. Add me anyway, and we'll play when I do get on.
GT: Messy Mike M92
Sniperless Infiltrator since '07
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