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User Info: SoulRegalia

4 years ago#1
So, I've saved Maelons data, disarmed the bomb on Tuchanka, but Eve still died, Mordin said the Tissue sampling was too intense and she told him to keep going even though he wanted to stop. Anyone know exactly why she never lived? I thought I did everything... :(
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User Info: deathscythe257

4 years ago#2
Not sure if you need wrex as well. Also, gotta make sure to do the other mission for wrex/wreave
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User Info: xKryptonKnightx

4 years ago#3
It sounds like you didn't save the data despite what you said.
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User Info: Eamon696

4 years ago#4
xKryptonKnightx posted...
It sounds like you didn't save the data despite what you said.

This. I don't think you saved the data.

User Info: Talon5967

4 years ago#5
Going by the guide, neither Wrex , nor the two missions he gives you, are requirements. The only requirements appear to be that Mordin is alive, you completed his loyalty mission in ME2, and chose to save the data upon completing the mission (you can choose to destroy when you complete the mission, for the record).

Obviously, you did the first two. So either you thought you saved the data but destroyed it instead, or there's a glitch.

A good way to test it is to start a new file by importing the character in question from ME2. When you get to the screen that recaps your major choices in the first two games, if it says you saved the data, then something went wrong. If it says you destroyed the data, then you'll know you accidently picked the wrong option.
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