Maximum War Assets?

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User Info: TcidenebT

4 years ago#1
I have played through making my decisions and I have gone through doing the opposite and I was wondering if there was a list of choices from the entire trilogy to get the maximum War Assets? Any help would be appreciated.

User Info: TemplariShadow

4 years ago#2

Go to town on dem assets.

User Info: LordTrinen

4 years ago#3
By my calculations that absolute highest Total Military Strength you can get is 8,775. This requires a combination of Paragon/Renegade decisions throughout the trilogy and try to gather every last War Asset you can.

If I remember correctly in ME1 you should save the Rachni Queen, save the Feros colony and spare Shiala, kill Wrex, let Kirahhe die and save the Council.

In ME2 you should complete all Loyalty Missions successfully, save the genophage data (though I always destroy it so I can save Mordin in ME3), keep Tali from being exiled, recruit Legion and complete his loyalty mission, choose Samara over Morinth, save the Collector Base and complete Arrival.

In ME3 you need to have and complete all the DLC, sabotage the genophage cure, speak with Thane so he may rescue the councilor, tell Chakwas and the Virmire survivor not to come back to the Normandy, save the Rachni Queen again and make peace between the Quarians and Geth.

Those are some of the major decisions. There are a lot of smaller ones that contribute. I made my calculations a long time ago so I'm a bit fuzzy on the details but that should all be the gist of it.

User Info: BrokenGrunty

4 years ago#4
LordTrinen posted...
let Kirahhe die

Weird, checking the wiki that seems right but looking at all my characters assets I get the assets for being alive and if dead. Weird.
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