For those who beat all three games

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User Info: PoopMasterGoetz

3 years ago#11
Vanguarded through all three games.
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User Info: BingKafei

3 years ago#12
I played Engineer all the way and loved it all the way. I loved it best in 1 though...sure, the combat drone and incinerate and all that are plenty of fun, but I probably wouldn't have dedicated so much to the trilogy if I never fell in love with those tech mines!

User Info: pfh1001

3 years ago#13
I've done both, more often than not, I play the same one.

User Info: phillyeagles123

3 years ago#14
First playthrough: Soldier for all three

Second (current) playthrough: Vanguard for all three
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User Info: FullMetalMania

3 years ago#15
Vanguard -> Soldier/Infiltrator (dat Widow) -> Vanguard (dat Nova)
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User Info: zenandi

3 years ago#16
Main character file is a soldier through and through.

Although, played the hell out of ME 2 and went through all 6 classes.

User Info: Aigonroth

3 years ago#17
Yes I have played as all classes and when I import into the next game the character stays with their same class.

My first character was a Vanguard.
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User Info: Talon5967

3 years ago#18
Yes, and I made a character for each class. Each character I made was made in ME1, then played through all three games as that class. Only thing is I haven't finished ME3 with the infiltrator yet, and haven't really even started with the sentinel.
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User Info: edgecrusher02

3 years ago#19
Originally, no. I wanted to try everything out and in doing so I found my favorite class.

So when I went back to do my "official/canon" run, yes.
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User Info: MurphysGhost

3 years ago#20
I answered 'no'.

I've played every class in all three games; sometimes I stay the same between games, sometimes I change.

I usually try to keep the changes 'believable' though- an Engineer might become an Infiltrator as Shep focuses more and more on combat, or an Adept might be 'damaged' by the rebuilding in ME2 and come out augmented with tech to compensate- a Sentinel. I guess you could come up with reasons for just about anything but I wouldn't change an Engineer into a Vanguard, for example.
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