Leviathan on sale for 50% off

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User Info: VasDeferens

3 years ago#11
Cool, no prob. I sense a pattern here :

From Ashes in the New Year
Omega around E3 time (start of summer)
Leviathan for Back To School sale
Citadel ??? Maybe in the Holiday Sale ?

User Info: gameslicker

3 years ago#12
^ hopefully, that certainly does sound logical. now i wish they could just have the mass effect 2 dlc go on sale. seriously, when was the last time that stuff was discounted, well over a year ago i believe.

User Info: ROBPW1

3 years ago#13
Ugh, I just bought it last week and just finished it. It was pretty good. I should have picked up Omega when it was on sale. I am near the end of the game and I wanted to finish all the DLC before the final part and it looks like I will have to buy Omega and the Citadel at full price.

User Info: metroidman92

3 years ago#14
It keeps corrupting for me. I'll get maybe 10% into the dl and it stops and gets corrupted. Anyone else having this issue, or is it just my crap Internet?
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  3. Leviathan on sale for 50% off

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