is any of the dlc good?

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User Info: ps2snesgod

3 years ago#1
I beat all the mass effects and am slowly buying dlcs for 2 and 3. i bought the leviathan and it was fun getting there but the story bit keeps contradicting mass effect 1. how is the rest of the dlc like javik and the omega?

User Info: BingKafei

3 years ago#2
I would buy From Ashes (Javik) instantly, the character it adds is essential to a fun playthrough to me. Same reason you should buy Kasumi in Mass Effect 2. The new characters add SO much to the game.

Personally? I liked Omega, if you liked Aria from ME2 you'll like Omega, but it is a little bit short and quite driven by story, not as extensive and open as some were hoping, so it's a little unpopular. Similar story with Overlord dlc from ME2, lots of dialogue, gameplay might be lacking a little.

The Citadel is a must. Get it. Now.

But I'm curious to know what you think Leviathan did to contradict the first game that was not explained.

User Info: moodyjm2

3 years ago#3
It's all good some better than others. Javik and Citadel are the best.
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User Info: garan

3 years ago#4
Of the ME3 DLC, consensus rating is pretty much:


User Info: roo10158

3 years ago#5
What did Leviathan contradict? I've played through both between 8 and 13 times, and never heard anything contradictory. ME1 never went into the origins of the Reapers.

Anyways, I think Kasumi Stolen Memory, Overlord, Lair of the Shadow Broker, Zaeed Price of Revenge, and to a degree Arrival are great from ME2

As for ME3, I think From Ashes, Leviathan, and Citadel are great. Omega is good, but very overpriced.
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User Info: CrusnikCain

3 years ago#6
Omega has the weakest storyline but is combat oriented
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User Info: sheepman23

3 years ago#7
I enjoyed them all for different reasons.

From Ashes gives us a boring mission, a fantastic weapon, two new powers, and one of the best squadmates in the game. It should've included in the main game, but you can't miss out on this one in my opinion.

Leviathan has pretty typical gameplay against Reaper forces, but story-wise it's the strongest. It goes deep into the origins of the Reapers, and even Shepard's love interest gets some special dialogue if you bring he or she on the right missions.

On the flip side to Leviathan, Omega lacks in the story department but has the best gameplay of the DLC's imo. It has the longest gameplay segments and unlocks two new weapons, several new weapon mods, and a few new powers. Although this one gets a lot of hate, I really liked it.

Citadel is fun and offers a lot of opportunities to meet up with old and new squadmates. It also adds a hub with a combat arena, and the M-7 Lancer (one of my favorite guns in the game). On the downside, the main plot is really stupid and a lot of it feels like fan-servicing to BSN. As a whole though, it's great.
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User Info: HyperShadow4321

3 years ago#8
From what I've played From Ashes is definitely worth it, although I wish the mission it includes was more interesting. Javik just feels like he should have been in the main game from the start. I feel the same way about Leviathan. It just seems like it includes such an important part of the Reapers' backstory that it shouldn't have been optional.

I haven't played any other ME3 DLC so I can't comment otherwise; however, as far as ME2 goes, definitely get Lair of the Shadow Broker. Probably my favorite out of all the DLC in the game considering Liara was my favorite squadmate along with Garrus.

Zaeed is hit or miss. I personally didn't really like him, and never used him, but some people like him.

Arrival is forgettable, but I enjoyed it to some degree. EA is probably still charging full price for it, so I dunno if I'd bother in hindsight.
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User Info: Spider5800

3 years ago#9
From Ashes and Citadel are must-buys, IMO. Both are excellent. From Ashes adds a great squadmate who brings a lot to the game in both gameplay and story, and Citadel adds so much it's bordering on being an expansion pack.

Omega is solid gameplay-wise, but doesn't add a whole lot to the main story. It's, fun but you don't lose much if you skip it.

If you're also looking at ME2 DLC, the Cerberus Network, Kasumi, and Lair of the Shadow Broker are all great. The first two add several weapons, new squadmates and lots of missions, and LotSB is the single best story mission in ME2.

Arrival is probably the most important DLC storywise from ME2, as it links the game to ME3's opening, but not that fun to play IMO. Overlord is like Omega, fun to play but totally irrelevant to the overall story. You could skip them both and not lose much.

The weapon packs in ME2 and ME3 make both games easier (i'll let you decide if that's good or not). I would skip any skin packs or Genesis 1 and 2, they're all crap.
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User Info: ozzyman314

3 years ago#10
Arrival & Shadow Broker are a must for ME 2.
As well as Revenge(Zaeed) & Stolen Memory(Kasumi)

Extended Cut, Leviathan, and From Ashes(Javik), are very important to the story.
Omega is ok if it's on sale.
Citadel is a bit overrated. It's fan service, don't expect anything more.
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