So how do you stomp Gold and Plat nowadays?

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User Info: zhoban

4 years ago#11
MrFail posted...
So how do you stomp Gold and Plat nowadays?

Drunk. But in all seriousness it depends. Do you want to use equipment or mics? With no equipment, Rio/Reaper is the best but it takes 45 minutes. With equipment, Giant/Reaper is the best. With mics and you can get three other friends, you could always speed run. I'm sure you could still find guys on here to speed run with.
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User Info: midsizelebowski

4 years ago#12
TheKyubi posted...
Play on Firebase Giant vs Reapers, camp at LZ. Easy platinum matches.

This works, but there's a better/faster strategy that I used to use when I was still pretty new, about halfway to maxing my rares. The group I did it with were all new players too.

Platinum, reapers, glacier. In the upper level there's a small room in the corner. Camp there with a volus engineer (recon mine & shield boost), a juggernaut and 2 damage dealers (we usually used a flamer + a flamer detonator class or talon merc). Every game lasts about 25 minutes and is very easy.

I couldn't take it for very long because I can't stand camping, but some people have patience for farming and this strategy is very effective. I was with a group that did the box of shame one time and wanted to shoot myself the whole match, so at least it's nowhere near as bad as that.

Or if you want an easy normal game just use any of the easy mode setups: AIU reegar, trooper acolyte, ghost harrier. Or if you're playing gold the game's ultimate easy mode is incendiary rounds, reegar, krogan vanguard, gold, geth.
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