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User Info: N7TyrantTitan

3 years ago#1
I just unlocked this weapon today.

What can it do? Its an ultra rare so I can't help but think its a really good weapon. I was thinking of using it on my destroyer with the hurricane as a sidearm.

Any thoughts? Suggestions? I really like how this weapon looks and I want to make the most of it even if it is only level one.
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User Info: DuneMan

3 years ago#2
It basically functions like a semi-auto sniper rifle that doesn't lose damage when not aiming down the scope. Go for headshots whenever the opportunity presents itself.
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User Info: TheHefHugs

3 years ago#3
As with any assault rifle it's good on the Ghost. This gun gets some flak but I actually really like it once you get used to it. It fires slower but has great range and accuracy; some people like a scope on it but I don't. As always make sure you use piercing in some way.

I use it randomly on a number of classes but I don't think that it technically compliments the character. I like it on both the Turian Soldier and Sentinel and I sometimes use it on the Krogan Soldier.
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User Info: code_kirin

3 years ago#4
It's one of the worse URs in the game. I would argue the worst after Paladin and Spitfire.

That said, it's not horrible. It relies on headshots to do good damage.. not because it gets a headshot modifier, but because it's damage output is rather low otherwise. This gives it a disadvantage against bosses.

User Info: hghgnbnb

3 years ago#5
Take an ultralight SMG sidearm, and it serves as a fantastic light sniper rifle. My Turian Sentinel is a great marksman with it. I use Overload to strip shields, Warp to weaken Armor, then collect headshots with the Saber.
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User Info: Havoc49J

3 years ago#6
I want to like the Saber. But between its weight and relatively low damage I get frustrated by its lack of performance despite how fun it is to use.
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User Info: N7TyrantTitan

3 years ago#7
So because it's a heavier weapon I'd be fine using it on my Destroyer and I have his Devastator mode specced for mag size. I don't know too much about this gun since I missed it in SP and I unlocked it right when I was getting ready to go to work. So I haven't even tried it out yet.

Since it can be used like a sniper rifle, It would be a good investment to put a scope on this right?

Because I was thinking a scope mod and mag mod.
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User Info: gunhole

3 years ago#8
terrible UR.

almost as bad as the wraith...
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User Info: code_kirin

3 years ago#9
It doesn't need a scope. It needs as much damage as you could possibly get. Barrel+mag with AP/drill ammo is your best bet. Saber is one of the few guns that makes the most of drill ammo.

I would also advise full RoF for a destroyer if you don't mind a respec. RoF and damage bonuses will somewhat alleviate its lower damage. It has a huge clip with mag mod already.

User Info: GoldenSWarriors

3 years ago#10
I hate the saber but it's actually really fun on the ghost thanks to assault rifle damage and overload to stun enemies. Cloak+Overload+Shoot kills most mooks in just one shot.
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