Vigil's Theme (small spoilers)

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User Info: LordTrinen

4 years ago#1
Vigil's Theme is by far one of my favorite soundtracks in the trilogy. Sometimes when I'm replaying ME1 I just sit there at the title screen for a few moments and listen to it. I find it to be a very calm and soothing song.

And when you really think about it the song does a good job at representing ME1. Things back then were much...simpler. More peaceful.

Shepard and the others are just starting to piece together the Reaper threat. Even then it isn't until Virmire and beyond do they start to really grasp the danger looming on the horizon. Before all that the absolute worst things the galaxy thought they needed to worry about were politics, pirate raids and the occasional fanatical batarian trying to drop an asteroid on a colony.

I was happy when they used this song for ME3's post-credits scene. One way or another the galaxy is now at peace and the song symbolizes a return to happier, more peaceful times. I applaud whoever composed this song. Jack Wall I think is the name listed on the soundtrack? Regardless, kudos.

User Info: 8bitPunk

4 years ago#2
It is an amazing song. To me it captures the idea of vast infinite space that is, well... space, and the general mystery of the unknown. It reminds me of when we would go inside that big grey igloo thing for field trips or whatever to learn about the stars.

For me, music plays an essential role in immersion when it comes to games. Every time I started up Mass Effect and heard the bass notes and the organ? synth? it was easy for me to pretend I was stepping into the shoes of Shepard.

And I love how when you press start, the sound effects seem to be in key with Vigil's Theme.
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User Info: Bat22

4 years ago#3
Even though the theme is revisited during the trilogy, nothing really compares to the first time you hear it during the story.

You keep hearing it every time time you launch the game but the context eludes you until you reach the final planet and hear it anew. And then you're provided w/ a peaceful timeout while at the same time realizing the sad peace of oblivion that befell Vigil's people. And you realize how close you are to that same crossroad between survival and extinction.

User Info: Dregnus

4 years ago#4
Vigil was the moment in the game where I realized Mass Effect 1 had the best video game story ever.

Sovereign on Virmire was damn close, but Vigil sealed the deal.

User Info: Nefhith

4 years ago#5
DL link:


All versions:

Almost an hour of mass effect music-related stuff:

Mass effect 3's 10 hour long verion main theme:

Y'all lazy b*****s can thank me later.
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User Info: Dubious_Hijinks

4 years ago#6
Nefhith posted...
DL link:


All versions:

Almost an hour of mass effect music-related stuff:

Mass effect 3's 10 hour long verion main theme:

Y'all lazy b*****s can thank me later.

Awwww, but I wanted to thank you now ...
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User Info: VG_Soldier

4 years ago#7
Yes, as fun as ME3 was there was a certain level of mystery and intrigue that existed before ME3; Vigil's Theme sums that up nicely and it definitely brings back good memories.
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User Info: roo10158

4 years ago#8
As great as that song is, Love Theme that plays after you finish Virmire is my all time favorite track
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User Info: pointer9378

4 years ago#9
Virgil's Theme will always be the representative of the trilogy's music. Even though ME1 already has a theme, I will forever associate Virgil's Theme as ME1's theme. It's a perfect piece of music that fits the atmosphere of the entire game. When it comes to the current gen games, ME is one of a few that has a memorable theme/music.
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User Info: pprincess

4 years ago#10
That music playing in the scene on the drive through the Ilos Archives is, to me, one of the most classic video game scenes of all time.
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