Wrex email.. *Spoilers?*

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User Info: JamesOwnzMaz

4 years ago#1
So last night I did the mission with the Turians on The Korgan homeworld and discovered about the bomb.

Nice and dandy I stopped there for the night.. then today I finally decided to do The Levithan mission (that was crazy) this took a while and now just after it I get an email from Wrex saying a bomb was detonated and lots of Krogan died?

What the hell? was it actually on a time limit or something? I would have thought maybe sure.. but the Citadel hasn't even been attacked yet... also the option to still do the mission appears to be available.

What's going on?
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User Info: gs_master_i_am

4 years ago#2
As far as I can remember there two missions that have a time limit in ME3. The bomb on Tuchanka was one of them.

Iirc, 3 missions after obtaining it will trigger the fail state. Although it's odd that it is still available. Try completing it and see if it changes anything!

User Info: Zague77

4 years ago#3
I recently had the exact same thing. I did the Turian platoon mission, found out about the bomb, then went and did an N7 mission or something. I got quite a shock when I saw Wrex's email. I've left it alone for a mission or two in previous playthroughs without any issue.

The good news is that I went straight back to Tuchanka and disarmed the bomb. Nothing bad happened. The email arriving ahead of time is just a glitch that sometimes pops up, happened to a few others as well. As long as you don't do too many missions between finding out about it and diffusing it, it won't go off.
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User Info: TimeShinigami

4 years ago#4
Same thing happens with Kelly Chambers on the Citadel. Return to her right before doing Priority: Tuchanka, and she'll start talking about the coup attempt like it already happened.
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User Info: sheepman23

4 years ago#5
I'm pretty sure it's a bug. I've also received the same e-mail while still being able to disarm the bomb afterwards.
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User Info: garan

4 years ago#6
The e-mail doesn't trigger the mission timer, completing the Turian platoon mission triggers it.
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