Do you REALLY want a different ending?

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User Info: OrokenDuMonger

3 years ago#1
They kind of wrote themselves into a hole with the first two games, what did you expect. Here's something reasonable.

You fight TMI in an epic fight that rivals the battle with Tela Vasir. At the end of the fight he offers you a choice, trust him to destroy/control the Reapers (thereby saving Shepherd), or make the decision yourself after killing him?

Would it really have made a difference? I think not.
One does not simply pass through the Omega IV Relay - CouchCommandoIV

User Info: Nefhith

3 years ago#2
I would have mauled that space child to death with my bare teeth and throw his skull to the reaper self destruct button to prevent shepard from dying.

That's what I would have done.

Also, chop marauder shields's head and impale it on my garden between the tulips. As a message.
I have so many Disruptor rounds I could solo the Sovereign attack on the Citadel. -Mr_arizona

User Info: OrokenDuMonger

3 years ago#3
I could see it now, TIM goes up and sees starchild for the first time.

<TIM shoots catalyst in the face, follows up with quick shot to Destroy canister>

TIM- "F*** that kid, all I do is win."
One does not simply pass through the Omega IV Relay - CouchCommandoIV

User Info: MurphysGhost

3 years ago#4
Different ending? No. It was more or less what I expected, and I mostly liked it.

Different build up to the ending? Yes. I really wanted a battered and bruised Shep and Anderson to fight some desperate, crazy infantry battles to reach the control room and confront TIM. A mix of Geth, Cerberus and Reapers would've been cool, with different Reaper voices echoing through the Citadel and the layout shifting and changing in front of you the way Anderson describes. Also, evil Reaper-activated keepers as a new enemy type that only appeared this once.

Different handling of the Crucible throughout the game? Yes. Needed to be addressed and discussed a lot more, maybe defended from Reaper and Cerberus attacks, discussion of its mysteries, etc.

For me personally, the ending is fine but those other two elements left a fair amount to be desired.
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User Info: garan

3 years ago#5
Absolutely-- no Starbrat and an actual epic battle on Earth. They should have used the basic design blue print of the Battle of Denerim from DA:O instead of skimping on everything.

User Info: LiquidFuze180

3 years ago#6
I thought the ending was fine, the Destroy ending that is. Ideally, the final "opponent" wouldn't be that little kid. I thought that was really stupid and just watered down the whole thing.

Seriously, it should just have been TiM trying to persuade you not to, to Control instead.

User Info: Nafzger

3 years ago#7
As I've stated numerous times, drop the Catalyst confrontation scene, drop synthesis, and have Shepard decide between Control or Destroy, while debating with Anderson and TIM on whichever choice. There would be tons of options.

Control (could be paragon or renegade)

Paragon 1 - Anderson and TIM live. Shepard controls Reapers for greater good.

Paragon 2/3 - Same as above, but either Anderson or TIM dies

Paragon 4/5 - Same as above, but Shepard allows either Anderson or TIM to control the Reapers.

Paragon 6 - Both are dead, Shepard controls Reapers for greater good

Renegade 1 - Shepard kills Anderson, sides with TIM and allows him to Control Reapers for human advancement

Renegade 2 - Same as above, except Shepard convinces TIM to allow him to control Reapers for human advancement

Renegade 3/4/5 - Both TIM and Anderson are dead, Shepard Controls Reapers for great injustice. Variations include Shepard killing one of them, both of them, or them killing each other

Destroy (would be the neutral ending

Ending 1 - TIM dies, Anderson dies of wounds. Shepard dies Destroying the Reapers

Ending 2/3, TIM is convinced Destroy is the best option. He stays behind to destroy the Reapers while Shepard and living Anderson Escape. Alternate version is Anderson is already dead, so only Shepard escapes. (The best possible outcome is both Anderson and Shepard make it)

Ending 4/5 - Same as above, but Anderson stays behind to destroy the Reapers while TIM and Shepard escape. Alternate version is TIM can't be convinced and is killed by Shepard.

Ending 6 - TIM, Anderson, and Shepard all succumb to their wounds before activating the Crucible. Everyone dies.

I would also factor in one last thing when it comes to the Destroy option: The Collector Base. If the base was saved in ME2, then TIM/Cerberus discovered a way to make the Crucible more precise, so it targets only Reapers. Shepard attains this mission from the Cerberus Base mission. It is the Catalyst, so to speak.

However, if the base was destroyed in ME2, the targeting is indiscriminate. Anything utilizing Reaper tech can potentially be destroyed. This includes the relays, the Citadel, Shepard. Geth if you let them have the Reaper code, EDI, etc...this includes the Normandy as well, and many of star ships. It would be based on your G@W rating and other decisions you've made as to what might survive and what might die. Either way, pretty much all of the ground troops would be fine. It would be the star ships that are in jeopardy.

If BW want a deterrent from picking Destroy, then there's your ******* deterrent.
XBL:ArsenalofGlory | PSN: Nafzger

User Info: YamatoBeats

3 years ago#8
I'd like a bigger payout.
"Limits, like fears, are often just an illusion."

User Info: TemplariShadow

3 years ago#9
Most of what Arsenal said. It's by large in line with any notions I would or do have.

Destroy/Refuse/Control seems the most fitting with Paragon/Neural/Renegade to me. Again, no starkid space magic Synthesis shenanigans. It's TIM or Harbinger all the way.

War Asset Collection determines the state of the galaxy after/as you light or don't light the Crucible and it's efficacy and accuracy in wiping out or disabling the Reapers. The Reapers themselves, the Relay Network, the Citadel and yeah anything with significant Reaper tech plugged in. Maybe even anything that utilizes Mass Effect technology. Then the political or socio-economical aftereffects are shown/determined based on Shepard's decision-making (or lack thereof) throughout the trilogy. Having it affect all mass effect tech could be a new trilogy where survivors are trying to figure out a way around the now defunct mass relays or inoperative mass effect tech. Or finding functional relays/drives. Having maybe 3-6 core ending types for each of the three ending decisions seems fine. Then comes the minutiae of all the decisions your Shepard made throughout the Trilogy.

For the final battles maybe a Harbinger avatar? In the form of a mini-Reaper maybe for fantastical-ness?

User Info: Trenquilin

3 years ago#10
a bossfight would be way better than the endings now.

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