Are there some "choices" that are always the same for you? *spoilers*

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  3. Are there some "choices" that are always the same for you? *spoilers*

User Info: Emperor Vader

Emperor Vader
3 years ago#21
I choose to destroy the collector base for the same reason I choose to destroy the reapers. They are abominations that should have never existed.
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User Info: SageOfLife

3 years ago#22
The only choice I've ever ended up changing is what to do with the heretics.
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User Info: MacDofGlasgow

3 years ago#23
I never favour the Geth over the Quarian people. Even though I feel they are the innocents in it, I could never do that to Tali. Geth and Quarians survive or Quarians survive.

I always kill Kaiden. I hate that guy.

I always play FemShep, other than my first run in each game was a ManShep who had first run in all 3 games.

I always cured the Genophage, until last time when I killed Mordin. I honestly felt guilty after doing this.

I nearly always romance Liara. Firstly, I think her character is excellent and that her motivations make more sense if she loves you. Secondly, sexy blue chick!

I always destroy the Collector base.

I always keep Wrex alive.

I think to myself I'm really keeping the story fresh and taking diverging paths each time I play but I actually play the game with the same class (Soldier) doing basically the same story every time with all the same decisions.
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User Info: Bat22

3 years ago#24
Romance opposite human gender, sacrifice same gender. Of the Asari in ME1, you get stuck w/ the most irritating/creepy of them all. You can get your Ho Yay on w/ Alenko in ME3 but I'd rather up the ante on the brief reunion on Horizon.

"Cheat" on your ME1 romance. We now know it doesn't matter in ME3 and, after the VS's conduct on Horizon, my Shep needs some proper appreciation.

Shoot Fist. Seriously, w/ his rap sheet, the attempt on Tali's life, and all the goons you kill to get to him, it's either Shep or Wrex. Chatting him up on Omega is something extra but you don't have an option to kill him then.

Spare Shiala. Killing her off always seemed unnecessary after you whacked the Tholian and a particularly fearful gesture on Shep's part. On a shallow note, she was hotter than that chub-face Liara.

Wrex lives. If his alternate was as well-rounded as Mordin's then I could have Ashley shoot him dead. But Wreav is such a one-sided pain in the @$$ that it just isn't worth it.

Give Tali the Geth data. It's Tali, Man!

Prevent Tali's exile from the fleet. It's Tali, Man!

Destroy the Collector ship. Maybe Shep disagrees w/ the IM's philosophy of ends justifying means or "need to know" basis. Or maybe Shep just thinks the IM's an arrogant prick who needs some comeuppance for screwing w/ (s)he over the course of ME2.

User Info: Tbx66

3 years ago#25
Yes. Ever since Me3 came out I had to go back and replay the trilogy ( because you can shoot the Vs) in order to leave whiny Kaidan behind, only to shoot Ashley my self ( shooting Kaidan is kinda as boring as him).

Also, romancing Liara but that's a no brainer.
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  3. Are there some "choices" that are always the same for you? *spoilers*

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