One of the best games on the 360

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User Info: juddaz2k3

3 years ago#1
Since its coming to the end of its lifespan i've been thinking of my favourite games on the 360.

Got it to a top 5 RPG and overall
Elder Scrolls
Mass Effects
Dead Islands
Lost Odessey
Dragon Knights (honourable mentions Dragon Age mainly due to the voice acting Claudia Black especially)

Elder Scrolls
Mass Effects
Assassins Creeds
Saints Rows
Far Crys (Crackdown honourable mention)

The Mass Effects are a brilliant series, best space opera i can think of (sorry SW fans). Loving the lore but its the characters and voice acting that set it apart from everyone else. Personally im still torn between whether the 1 or 2 is the best. Undoubtedly the second has the best combat and graphics but the exploration was easily the best on the first. They didnt cope out either compared to the next two. Even though i'd played the previous (Baldurs, Jade and KOTOR) the conversations are still excellently done.Unfortunately it didnt end that well (imo) and the gameplay on this didnt seem as much fun as the last.

What do you think?

User Info: xKryptonKnightx

3 years ago#2
Too many plurals.
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User Info: perfect_general

3 years ago#3
Dragon Age: Origins should be on that list. Dragon Age 2 though.... we'll just pretend it never happened.
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User Info: DividerByZero

3 years ago#4
My favorite experiences on the 360 so far are:

Mass Effect 1
Assassin's Creed 2
Guitar Hero/Rock Band series (pretty sure I have carpal tunnel now)
Bioshock 1
Batman: Arkham Asylum

I still have a huge list of games I have yet to play, so my preferences will change, I think. - Brutally honest game reviews and news.
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User Info: TimeShinigami

3 years ago#5
I missed most of this gen, but...

Mass Effect 1


Gears of War 1

The Ezio Trilogy (The AC Games)

Several Arcade Titles.
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User Info: roo10158

3 years ago#6
My Top 5:
Mass Effect 2
Mass Effect 1
Mass Effect 3
Batman Arkham City
Portal 2
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User Info: Nefhith

3 years ago#7
Halo 3, odst and reach. I don't like Halo of duty 4.


Mass effects.

Lost Odyssey (I'll finish it someday).

Edit: Lol I forgot Elder Scrolls series. -XxproknifaxX
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User Info: edgecrusher02

3 years ago#8
Agreed. For me it's the following series:

Mass Effect
Dragon Age
Elder Scrolls
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User Info: chobit_A5HL3Y

3 years ago#9
perfect_general posted...
Dragon Age: Origins should be on that list. Dragon Age 2 though.... we'll just pretend it never happened.

agreed lolz the only bad thing about origins was the fade part... i always wished they re-made it without that part XP

User Info: GoldenSWarriors

3 years ago#10
Mass effect 1, 2, and 3
Red dead redemption
Far cry 3
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