Did I screw up the Liara romance?

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  3. Did I screw up the Liara romance?

User Info: Ritalinfiend

3 years ago#1
Romanced her in me 1, no one else in me 2 and started up again in 3, I think. I buy all weird items like fish, models, and that bottle of whiskey. I gave the whiskey to Kaiden automatically in the hospital room. I read somewhere that, starts the romance with Kaiden. Didn't see him since that scene. Did I screw up the Liara romance?
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User Info: TemplariShadow

3 years ago#2
That is not the Kaidan lock-in point iirc, so no you've not screwed it up with Liara. You're free to flirt with whomever you wish until you lock-in a prospective romance with its respective lock-in convo.

Spoiler Links abound for lock-in points.


User Info: LordTrinen

3 years ago#3
You're safe. The lock-in points for romances don't start showing up until after Priority: Citadel II.
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  3. Did I screw up the Liara romance?

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