So...I don't think Garrus is a very good C-SEC officer

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User Info: Nafzger

3 years ago#1
I'm going through police training right now and we've been going over a few things like obviously our state laws and also our duty to enforce those laws while still honoring and protecting your fourth amendment rights (for you non-Americans, that's unlawful search and seizure). We've also gone over the seriousness of compiling a thorough, accurate, yet simple report.

Anyway, so keeping all of my knowledge in mind (still fairly green in class) I started thinking about Garrus. I thought about his behavior and his attitude. He is a truly terrible fit for his job and he needs a lot of retraining. He would be one of those cops you see on youtube using excessive force. Obviously that is made more apparent during his loyalty mission in ME2 when he's just a total psychopath, but there are other things as well. A career in law enforcement is a natural fit for most ex-military types, but many of them truly aren't cut out for the stress of the job. Garrus is one of those.

In ME1, he's always complaining about the chain of command and all of the "red tape". I imagine that red tape to which he is referring is Citadel Law and the rights awarded to those who reside or do business on the Citadel. It was also be an infinitely more complex document than the U.S. Constitution, as you'd have to accommodate dozens of different races and cultures. Those laws are there to secure their rights to privacy and liberty. Garrus has been appointed and bestowed the burden of taking away those rights from some if and only if they infringe of the rights of another. He just seems a little too cowboy and a little too emotional for his position. Short version: he's power tripping.

Another problem I have with him is his Dr. Saleon thing. Before I got into this career path I was kind of on his side. Why let the bad guy get away to cause more havoc later when you can take him out now for the greater good? I learned why: Garrus takes things way too personally. He makes everything a vendetta when it doesn't go his way. His superiors told him not to shoot down Dr. Saleon. That immediately pulls any guilt away from him. It was his superiors who gave the order. Garrus did his job the best he could. If Dr. Saleon starts his experiments again in another system, it's on the chain of commands conscience and not Garrus'.

However, had he shot down his craft and it crashed into a business, or hospital, or orphanage ALL of those deaths would be on his conscience. If he could really live with that decision, then he needs to be let go and put through some kind of counselling immediately.

Sorry for the length of this post. It was just something I've been thinking about now that I know a little bit more about law enforcement. You can chime in with agrees or disagrees and I can try to hopefully clear up any problems you have with my post.
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User Info: GoldenSWarriors

3 years ago#2
pretty much everyone in mass effect disobeys the law, not just garrus. Even captain anderson did in ME1 when he helped shepard escape the citadel. But I guess the galaxy needed to be saved so that's a little different lol
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User Info: DividerByZero

3 years ago#3
Wasn't Garrus deliberately designed as a "LOOSE CANNON COP ON THE EGDE, WHO DOESN'T PLAY BY THE RULES?" He's like those 80's movies cops who insist on shooting first before obeying orders, until they get paired up with a by-the-book officer and wacky hijinks ensue.
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User Info: abyss

3 years ago#4
I....don't see how this is a revelation to anyone. Yes, the whole intention in ME 1 was for him to be a loose cannon who could either go totally 'vigilante justice' or decide to play by the rules.

Then ME2 basically decided to just make him Renegade anyway.

User Info: LEGIT626

3 years ago#5
hey OPIE

i'm not reading that novel

User Info: Kyo3333

3 years ago#6
LEGIT626 posted...
hey OPIE

i'm not reading that novel

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2/10, 4chan-tier trolling.
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User Info: TemplariShadow

3 years ago#7
Hey mans. You don't know space law. Space law is crazy.

Also, yes. Garrus strikes me as an officer who would spend a lot of time being suspended because he can't follow the simplest of rules. He directly subverts a superior (and the head of his department no less) when told to drop an investigation and starts a firefight in a clinic. Although if you think of CSec as more a paramilitary outfit that also functions in a MP-type category. Kinda like the Secret Service with some State Police-y-ness. They have a larger jurisdiction and broader powers in terms of handling law enforcement but they're still clearly defined.

Garrus being all idealistic about catching the bads means he's going to want the bads caught no matter the cost. Or rules he has to... bend a lot. He stifles under that kind of regulatory control. If not for his father he likely would have been fully vetted for Spectre membership where he likely would have found his niche. He would with the right mentorship probably make a decent Spectre. Like say a Paragon-nudged one ala Shepard in ME1. Even in ME2 he makes cracks about what kind of buildings are fun to fight through. Most Spectres we meet or hear of with the possible exception of Jondum Bau and Nihlus seem pretty ruthless. Tela Vasir works with the Shadow Broker and is willing to trade favors, the first Spectre was imprisoned for endangering innocents to achieve his objectives. Saren and the whole blow up the building to dick with Anderson thing. Even Nihlus has his moments like when he put innocents in danger to draw off Samara. Garrus has the same disobedient and sideways thinking streak that set Nihlus apart.

Garrus has this idealism about the nature of the job and how to go about doing it. You're right, he's a cowboy in that sense. At least his father came around. At least after Garrus saw a little more of the galaxy and grew up a bit. With some Shepard-mentoring. And after going though his badass vigilante phase. Got it all out of his system I thinks. Space-Batman, right? :p He just needs a Space-Commissioner Gordon and Space-Alfred to sand down those rough edges.

User Info: pprincess

3 years ago#8
Garrus is a young hot shot, as the game says. He doesn't have the maturity to realize the red tape is there to keep officers from abusing people, freedom from a government run by police. But also it could be effects of military service, the enemy mentality and justice in the field, as opposed to protecting civilian order and court justice.
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