5 Keys to Success in Mass Effect 4

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User Info: 8bitPunk

3 years ago#11
Ugh, I hated the "eavesdropping" quests in ME3.

If they are going to half-a** the quests this time around, they should just make less of them, but with better quality.

I enjoyed a lot of the side-quests from ME1, even if they often had the generic (over-used) conclusion of:

Talk the enemy down using Charm/Intimidate
Kill the guy
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User Info: Beefstak

3 years ago#12
One word, Open World Non-linear gameplay, but i really don't care what they do, just get us a release date already.
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User Info: anthonycg

3 years ago#13
I don't like how the shooter genre is imposing itself on everything. There has never been a shortage of shooters. RPGs on the other hand are pretty much going extinct unless you count MMOs. I don't think they even make JRPGs for consoles anymore.

The RPG elements for ME are already thin since stats only affect how much damage you can take and put out and "strategy" really only revolves around DPS and falling back if the AI outguns you. In ME1 the enemies could disable some of your weapons and forced you to actually make decisions and enemies like Krogan were dangerous if you didn't have biotics ready.

User Info: Ivynn

3 years ago#14
DuneMan posted...
you don't want the action button to make you teabag your teammate's corpse

Maybe you don't...
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