Which ending did you choose the first time you beat this game, and why?

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  3. Which ending did you choose the first time you beat this game, and why?

User Info: slicktony

3 years ago#1
As someone who just finished the trilogy for the first time, I was wondering which ending my fellow GameFaqs users chose at the end. I chose, after spending about ten minutes thinking of what the weird Kid HAL told me, the Control ending. It was between that or the Destroy ending. I almost chose the Destroy ending, but then I thought that even though I wanted to just annihilate the Reapers I did not want to sacrifice a race I spent a good portion of the game to save. But on my second play through I think I will choose to destroy the Reapers just so Shepard can live. Oh and in case you are wondering why I have not mention the Synthesis ending yet, it's because I felt it was just to weird and to much like playing God for me to even consider choosing it.
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User Info: Ryan-06

3 years ago#2
they'll all absolutely terrible, you should sue BW like what happens for mostly everything in america. garbage game.
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User Info: ozzyman314

3 years ago#3

The Geth have a nasty habit of dying on Rannoch for me. So it was really just about sacrificing EDI.

Synthesis was just "Genetic rape".

And Control was just as bad with Reaper-Shep policing the galaxy.

Given the options, Destroy was the best.
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User Info: NaughtyOctopus

3 years ago#4
destroy but control is the best

User Info: xKryptonKnightx

3 years ago#5

I made a mistake.
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User Info: roo10158

3 years ago#6
The first time I saw the ending was before the extended cut, so it didn't matter then when I chose. The first one I ever picked was Synthesis for the simple reason that walking straight took less effort than turning and walking to the other choices. Literally, that was my reasoning.

But now, I almost always choose Control as a Paragon because it is easily my favorite ending and one I think a Paragon Shepard would do (least sacrifice, largest benefit) and destroy for renegade shepards because I think a renegade would just get rid of the reapers outright no matter the cost. Ever since seeing the EC and thinking about it more, I don't like Synthesis and I definitely don't like Refuse
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User Info: grehik24

3 years ago#7
I went with the destroy ending because Shepard lived. I also warpped the endings to my liking and my theories.

when you get transported up and you slowly explore I immediately thought "Wow this reminds me of the dead reaper from Mass Effect 2"... and then it hit me "Wait we're inside Harbinger!". When the Illusive man controlled Shepard to shoot Anderson and screen got a weird I thought "Yup We're inside Harbinger!"

Once that star brat showed up I thought "What if this is actually Harbinger manipulating Shepard minds with the kid from earth and the dreams, so I immediately said yeah I don't trust you. Honestly if the star brats voice was changed to Harbingers voice 9 times out of 10 people would choose destroy. Assuming that this star brat is Harbinger he would lie and say anything to influence Shepard to not destroy the reapers and make sure that the cycles continue. This is even backed by the fact that it says "All Synthetic Life gets destroyed" Assuming you like EDI and the Geth, it knows you won't kill EDI. I think he really only means the reapers. Heck he even says you die if you choose the destroy option when in fact you live.

The control ending is just stupid and the synthesis ending is just passive, all natural indoctrination. Think about it, if the reapers come back every organic life becomes a willing slave to the Reapers with very little effort on the reapers part. One cycle gets destroyed... hey look more organic life mixed with synthetics, oh we can destroy you! Yeah no you can't because you're all indoctrinated and you don't know it. The synthesis ending just means the the reapers can speed up the harvesting process.

If you read this so far you'll see that im a very delusional person.
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User Info: pfh1001

3 years ago#8
Destroy because I will never trust TIM or starbrat who both think Control is a viable option, plus Synthesis is space magic BS that the Reapers want you to do that also amounts to awful body horror & destroying all free will for the entire galaxy.

User Info: phishface

3 years ago#9
I chose by accident. Didn't realize there was a choice, and was confused by the whole thing. Then I saw a thing I could shoot, so I shot it. Turned out it was the destroy ending.
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User Info: N30Chaos687

3 years ago#10
Pre-extended, I chose synthesis because I guess I didn't really understand everything. While walking to it I was about to reconsider when all of a sudden the game already chose it for me since I was too far.
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  3. Which ending did you choose the first time you beat this game, and why?

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