Anyone else have trouble playing renegade?

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  3. Anyone else have trouble playing renegade?

User Info: Mr_arizona

3 years ago#21
kenobi749 posted...
Mr_arizona posted...
I feel the game punishes you for changing sides more than just being renegade. Example: SPOILERS if you save the cure and Wrex then you're just an ass if you decide to stop Mordin. But if Bakara is dead and Wrex is dead then stopping the cure makes sense cause Wreav will create havoc.

You know gamefaqs has spoiler tags so you don't have to say SPOILERS

I know but I was being lazy and spelled it.

User Info: LeftiesRule

3 years ago#22
TemplariShadow posted...
LeftiesRule posted...
Y...You do know EA also intended to make other difficulties too right?
You should try insanity.

Narrative is harder.

Darn....! You are so right! I guess grenades can also insta-kill you on narrative too.
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User Info: colon_three

3 years ago#23
Renegade is fun in a "oh my god this is in no way canon" kind of way. Some of the choices are just hilariously evil.

I disagree with everyone's decrying of the killing Wrex and Mordin stuff, though. I actually thought that was written sort of brilliantly. Lying to the krogan and sabotaging the cure was supposed to be a "best of both worlds" kind of thing, albeit morally reprehensible, but done still for the good of the galaxy, which is what renegade is "supposed" to be. And then it all comes back to bite you in the ass anyway. Brilliant.

There's also a conversation with Garrus right after wasting Mordin where he basically figures out what you did without saying it outright and it's just...really well written and acted.

But yeah, you've gotta do paragon for your "canon" run. I've also had times where I felt obligated to play a paragon run immediately after finishing a renegade run just to make myself feel better.
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  3. Anyone else have trouble playing renegade?

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