What do you think of the Ending now ?

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User Info: ChrisLeo

1 month ago#1
I did my first playthrough and ended with the Control ending because the Galaxy is finally in peace, The Geth and every other Synthetic get to live as i promised to Legion, Shepard is still alive and becomes the Reapers to be Jesus (Assuming control over Harbinger was fun).

But despite this i still feel veary mixed to how it ended, it feels as if Bioware couldn't come up with a Reason as to why the Reapers invade, so they rushed resulting to a Deus Ex machina and a Reason witch is irrelevant by that time cuz Geth and Quarians are in peace (strangely the reason was revealed right at the near end game).

Also where is the Final Boss ? ME1 and 2 had one so what gives ? Harbinger was there to take that part, compasating for him lacking in the entire Game until the near end.

But anyway i'm doing a 2nd playthough and thank god to mods, i will make my own perfect ending, witch is the Citadel DLC and my Clone being the Final Boss. This is how the ending could have been easely fixed.
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User Info: Offworlder1

1 month ago#2
It still sucks, destroy is the best ending with paragon control being second best.
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User Info: ChrisLeo

1 month ago#3
I was a Paragon so Control is the best Option
Video Games are not just art for entertainment, they show a 2nd life. And i am not a Gamer because i got no life, but because i choose to have many. #Pokemon20

User Info: iphan4tic

1 month ago#4
Incomplete. As far as I'm concerned everything after the reaper beam isn't real. Too many holes and weird details.
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User Info: Foreman22

1 month ago#5
Star child was a massive blunder. They should have went with destroy and had the Citadel vacation as the epilogue.
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User Info: CommanderAngel1

1 month ago#6
Synthesis, easy.

People keep forgetting that what we see is just the IMMEDIATE aftermath.
With the peace lasting (for all intents and purposes) forever; there is plenty of time, knowledge, resources, and unity to streamline the process and de-Reaperfy everything.

And who says Shepard has to STAY gone?

I have a mind, I can think, I can come up with extra ending content that doesn't contradict the lore regardless of BioWare's handling of it.

User Info: ozzyman314

1 month ago#7
Still crap. Anything but Destroy is garbage & makes 0 sense.

-Control, no matter how you try to slice it (paragon or renegade) is still essentially holding the galaxy hostage in a police state & calling it "protection".

-Synthesis is just a nonsensical abomination on every level.
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User Info: GodDogs

1 month ago#8
The ending still stinks, but the extended cut makes it far more palatable at least. I actually liked the "indoctrination theory" that fans came up with back when the game released. It made a ton of sense, and was kind of this fun, speculative thought provoking idea sort of like the original Blade Runner. But, it was also sad that fans came up with a better idea, and it was the only thing at the time that made any sense.

Given what it is now, I still wish there was a final confrontation with Harbinger, like he tries to trick you as the star child, but then he is exposed and you confront the real reaper behind it. That being said, destroy is the only logical choice, even though the game really wants you to pick synthesis. What I find interesting, and this played into the indoctrination theory, is that Anderson (the good guy) is the destroy (red/renegade) choice, while Illusive Man is control (blue/paragon). Seems the opposite of their characters. And synthesis is what Saren wanted...

also, TC, the game was originally supposed to have a different ending/motive of the reapers. It wasn't supposed to be this "organics vs synthetics" thing, but had to do with dark matter. However, that idea got leaked and so Bioware changed it.
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User Info: Foreman22

1 month ago#9
How can you make a game like DAO with so many diverse endings and screw up the trilogy ending???
All lives matter. Except terrorist.

User Info: Carribean_Cool

1 month ago#10
Sorry, they told us there wouldn't be a simple A, B, or C ending, and that's exactly what we got.
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