N7 Arsenal pack and mechdog companion?

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User Info: Featherbeard

5 years ago#1
Debating whether to get the standard or digital version. I could care less about the physical items. All I care about is stuff to use in Multiplayer. That leaves these two items... Are these unlockable through playing or only available in single player.

User Info: GM_

5 years ago#2
I'm sure a save edit will unlock them if it's impossible to get them without a Collectors edition.
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User Info: Featherbeard

5 years ago#3
and one more thing is the n7 hoodie you get through pc digital download simply a digital skin or a physical piece of clothing they send you?

User Info: ArkhamEscapee

5 years ago#4
It's a skin.
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User Info: EZXSniperZzz

5 years ago#5
You can unlock all the guns, including the n7 stuff with a regular game with some modding, I believe. I think the only exception is the prothean weapon.


The you can't unlock guns from SP to MP. SP and MP are seperated, aside from the readiness and promoting MP characters to war assists

The N7 hoodie is in game only. IRL, it's like 40$ or something like that.
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