Bioware got really lazy with Tali's face (spoilers)

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  3. Bioware got really lazy with Tali's face (spoilers)

User Info: ArkhamCityWok

5 years ago#31
my main problem is how poorly they edited her hand to look like the three fingered quarian hand. it looks like a cloth is covering the other 2 fingers and you can clearly see that the palm portion of the hand continues below where the first 3 fingers are.. just looks really cheesy.

User Info: Dartkun

5 years ago#32
Wait that comparison photo was real?

That's actually what they showed you in-game?

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User Info: GAMER_X

5 years ago#33
I'm really wishing I hadn't been nice enough to pay for this game and the dlc mission at this point. Even though I was able to get rid of origin after the fact, this is just horrible

-Art dept lazy as hell, blows off a major fanbase anticipation with lazy halfassed photoshopped fanart
-Art dept also lazily steals an old as hell wallpaper for the ending instead of crafting something original with care
-Cant holster weapons, idiotic excuse given
-Running animations are horrific
-Its the same damn engine as me2, yet they made certain characters look totally weird now (anderson, c-sec captain, prob others)
-Horrible AI, for both enemies and squadmates
-Mordin voice actor ditched (they prob cheaped out on him)
-Not a single fanservice or 'good' ending, all the endings are pretty much identical, slight variations of unsatisfying grimdark
-ditched the GOOD writer from me 1 and 2
-ditched the GOOD music composer from me 1 and 2
-assloads of auto dialogue, everythings either paragon or renegade with no grey areas anymore
-no controller support (for those that like it) which is a given staple standard in even indie games now
-Cutting out a major character from the main game and shamelessly trying to play him off as optional dlc when his dialogue contributions on the worlds backstory are HUGE

Why did I even bother paying for this?!? Theyve been working on this game for over 2 years, from before the launch of me2. The **** were they doing all this time?? Not only will i never touch/buy another EA/Bioware product, i wont even waste my time pirating it either. All big publishers do these days is try their hardest to obliviously rape a franchise for all the profit they can and drive it into the ground by doing so. I'm honestly happy for all the people that are pirating this game, I wish I had been one of them. I knew what a dive this game became but I figured I'd show my support for bioware one last time. I completely regret it. Screw big devs and publisher, we need another industry crash. These companies couldnt care less about their customers. Its time for them to die out
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User Info: Icewitch

5 years ago#34
steker16 posted...
whats this? a company used a stock photo in thier product? who would have thought? what else do you think stock photos are for btw?

yes i'm sure 5 years ago when we all played ME1 for the first time and Bioware teased Tali's face being hidden that one day we would eventually get to see it after waiting half a decade and it would just be some generic stock photo given a ten minute quick and dirty photoshop job
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User Info: AnEternalEnigma

5 years ago#35
BioWare is such a joke now. They've been fully EA-ized.

User Info: thanthen

5 years ago#36
Soo bad, I heard people are not even bothering to pirate it..
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User Info: Damien94

5 years ago#37
Bald_Money posted...
Guys, you don't get it. It's not that Bioware used a stock image. Heck, companies use stock images all the time; it's what they're for. No, the real problem is that bioware didn't even design tali's face, they just grabbed some image. It's painfully obvious that bioware did not plan on tali looking like that in ME1 and ME2.

OMG! Bioware didn't design Miranda's face either! Nor default Male Shepard! They just digitized real people's faces!

See how silly your statement is now?
Yes, contrary to your misinformed belief, opinions can and are often wrong.

User Info: gabe04

5 years ago#38

So many Biodrones in this thread actually defending this **** Bioware has no issues with money stop making **** excuses.

User Info: Damien94

5 years ago#39
gabe04 posted...
So many Biodrones in this thread actually defending this **** Bioware has no issues with money stop making **** excuses.

There's no problem to begin with, so nothing to make excuses about.

They had an idea of how they wanted Tali to look. They had three choices:

1) Make a face from scratch (fine for aliens, but the humans they do this for end up looking quite unnatural)
2) Hire a model to make a digital composite of.
3) Use a stock photograph and edit it.

Number 1 is usually a bad idea because the faces look really bad.
And between number 2 and number 3 it's a no brainer since 3 doesn't cost them anything.
Yes, contrary to your misinformed belief, opinions can and are often wrong.

User Info: danish-death

5 years ago#40

Ugh.. I would have loved to be unaware about whether or we got to see Tali's face so thanks a lot.

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  3. Bioware got really lazy with Tali's face (spoilers)

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