Bioware got really lazy with Tali's face (spoilers)

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User Info: SuperShadowAce

5 years ago#41
Oh Bioware, how much did you sell your souls for anyway? <----Good comic
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User Info: Nagisa_Shinju

5 years ago#42
I... I just... wow. That is pretty lazy. I mean, I can almost understand the use of a stock photo. That is a nice pic and I can see Tali looking like that...

But, the editing... the background, which is exactly the same... the absolutely lazy editing of the hand. For godsakes they even didn't even change the nail polish...

I so want to call this out and cry fake. I really do... please tell me this isn't real.

User Info: Demorase

5 years ago#43
Epic trolling by Bioware and a big middle finger to fans.

Just LOL

User Info: apocalypsebrad

5 years ago#44
If you can't comprehend why people are upset about this you really need to reavaluate yourself as a consumer. That picture of Tali is literally a 5 minute photoshop job, as an example it really shows the effort and care that they've put into Mass Effect 3 as a whole. They've essentially turned it into a Michael Bay film. All you're doing by accepting this bull**** is furthering the videogame industry into a very despicable direction. The fact that Tai is supposed to resemble a human is beyond the point entirely. I keep seeing posters bring up said fact in diffense, but you're not getting the fact that the photoshop job they used contains absolutely no thought. It's obvious how much effort and care went into designing the other aliens, and then they turn around and **** out that picture.

It's Especially insulting given the fact that Tali's appearance was kept such a secret for the first two games, you just know that if Bioware had originally intended to reveal Tali at all, there would have been much, much more creative thought and effort put into creating something unique and interesting. Mass Effect 3 just goes to show EA's approach to game design, continuously pumping out soulless sequel after soulless sequel. Companies like that are a blight on not only gaming, but art in general. All they're doing is sucking the spirit out of these games to further their own greed and it's only going to get worse and worse if people continue to purchase their games. Shame on you if you don't see this. **** you if you do and choose to accept it. And **** gamefaqs for making me censor myself.

User Info: 40Dribylf

5 years ago#45

From: Damien94 | #039
There's no problem to begin with, so nothing to make excuses about.

They had an idea of how they wanted Tali to look. They had three choices:

1) Make a face from scratch (fine for aliens, but the humans they do this for end up looking quite unnatural)
2) Hire a model to make a digital composite of.
3) Use a stock photograph and edit it.

Number 1 is usually a bad idea because the faces look really bad.
And between number 2 and number 3 it's a no brainer since 3 doesn't cost them anything.

Are you ****ing kidding me.

Bioware is under EA, one of the largest publishers in the world

Mass Effect 3 was one of the most highly anticipated games this year, and had an extremely high budget and costly advertising campaign.

They had the money. They had the time. This game has been in the making for 2 years. Many other character models and art assets were already made.

The issue isn't that they used a stock photo. It's that they JUST used a stock photo

They couldn't model her face? They could bring in Jessica Chobot and all these other models to capture their image and their body, but they couldn't find someone for Tali, a character that is a fan favorite?

For something that many fans (including myself) have been wanting to see for over 4 years, something that has been teased in front of us, something that has been discussed on their forums and other forums, for it to be tossed aside so lazily.

It's not a big deal, it's just that it ****ing sucks, and we have the right to be irritated by it.

Maybe they'll make this DLC, to be able to see her actual face.

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User Info: Sparksfanboy

5 years ago#46
I'm shocked. Shocked that people are trying to defend this.
What if the Thalmor just want their divinity back so they can fight the Reapers?

User Info: giocare

5 years ago#47
After Dragon Age 2's cut and paste areas is anyone surprised at how lazy Bioware is?
(message deleted)

User Info: Kitanishi

5 years ago#49
oh god....this is just...disgraceful...

Another nail in bioware's coffin. It clearly shows that they don't give a dime a bout their customers, swimming in all the preorder money.

User Info: TheBlackMage

5 years ago#50
gabe04 posted...

Sparksfanboy posted...

I'm shocked. Shocked that people are trying to defend this.---What if the Thalmor just want their divinity back so they can fight the Reapers?

This Biodrone in this thread know no bounds, this is really embarassing for Bioware. Talk about lazy ****

Pretty sure he meant "Shocked that people are trying to defend Bioware's laziness."

Either way, how the hell does that photo match quarrian physiology? The arm and hand, specifically. So quarrians have 3 fingers in stead of 5? Black out 2 fingers, plus the part of the palm that corresponds to those fingers. Ehh, a bit of a stretch. Then black out the part of her ARM that would imply a larger palm? Who knew quarrians have smaller wrists than phalangies (the bones)?

If you want to get a face from a stock photo, sure. But next time, if the face is going on a (noticeably) NON HUMAN, redo the body from scratch. Face-from-scratch looks better than this photoshop monstrosity.
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