Bioware got really lazy with Tali's face (spoilers)

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User Info: veralece

5 years ago#51

User Info: RussellGorall

5 years ago#52
Damien94 posted...
Great... you found a picture that looks like the one in game. Good for you.

PSN - honkayjeezus

User Info: Tro77Tro

5 years ago#53
Blitz Dragon posted...
some generic stock photo given a ten minute quick and dirty photoshop job

You're being insanely generous. I loathe Tali; I was the ME2 360 board's most infamous Tali basher [and I have always backed up my reasons,] and yet even I find this to be a huge load of bull****.

I have what could only be described as rudimentary Photoshop knowledge and I could do what they did in maybe five minutes, with nearly all of that spent on the tattoo-like lines [assuming those aren't swiped from somewhere and just layered on.] The hand is the most hilarious part, but cutting the eye, rotating it and forgetting to heal the lid shadow is a close second.

Oh well. This is what people get for romancing a whiny, irredeemable racist.


40Dribylf posted...
I am hip

"Your musical compatibility with KDay1990 is SUPER"

Attaboy, random guy. Attaboy.
Fiora is mai waifu. :O

User Info: protogenxl

5 years ago#54
I would also point out that Quarians are supposed to have only 3 fingers and a Exo Skeleton.

User Info: flatline42

5 years ago#55
To those who are defending Bioware's laziness ... have you ever googled "Mass Effect Tali Fan Art". There are a few brilliant Tali face pictures out there ... the artists obviously took their time ... they didn't just blur a stock photo.

And they did it for free.

Enough said ...

User Info: Timbo418

5 years ago#56
Not even worth the bandwidth to pirate.
"If you're a Mass Effect fan then you have to be one of the biggest Hippocrates on earth. Have fun." - jnblz316

User Info: grand_commander

5 years ago#57

Plus you can see the white eyes and human-like nose through the visor.

No, he's right: in the games nobody says what quarians look like. There is, between the two games, one person who says they're old enough to remember what they look like under the suits, but she's not telling.

And I'm not impressed with your observation of their eyes: pretty much every race has eyes that would look human-like through that visor. About the only thing we can say is that, like turians, salarians, volus, drell, vorcha, and asari, the quarian eyes are spaced like a human's. There's only one race in that list you'd accuse of looking like a human, and even they look far more alien than that Tali picture.

User Info: xBlindx

5 years ago#58
People are actually defending Bioware on this?
Oh my god JC, a bomb!
A bomb?

User Info: ScholarMongoose

5 years ago#59
People are actually attacking Bioware on this?

User Info: Face_Lost

5 years ago#60
I'm glad not everyone is freaking brainwashed by this game. It's insane how some people can defend this just because they got sucked in by ME1, which was admitably a good game with a nice sci-fi story.
Seems like after they reeled people in, they just started raking in the money.
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  3. Bioware got really lazy with Tali's face (spoilers)

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