Aria's quest to get the eclipse mercs glitched?

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  3. Aria's quest to get the eclipse mercs glitched?

User Info: bududubdubdubs

5 years ago#1
I went to the guy in the c-sec outpost and talked to what's her face, and now I can't do anything. Baily says I still haven't talked to her, I can't talk to the guy at the outpost, and Aria doesn't have anything to say about it. what do

User Info: darkzerox2

5 years ago#2
go to the refuge camp and talk to a salarian (forget the name). if that doesn't work, don't know.

User Info: JamieK1981

5 years ago#3
Well, not sure if it has glitched, but i went to talk to her member that said he never has the guts to do anything and suggest something to him, he is in the refugee camp.

If that doesn't work, then yes, its glitched. :/

User Info: bududubdubdubs

5 years ago#4
OH ok I didn't try the camp thing yet. That will probably work, thanks.

User Info: ry_mann

5 years ago#5
Blood Pack: Go to the apartments in the Commons. Check each room and you'll find the right one.
Blue Suns: This one is tricky, easiest method is to just order the hit on the General. Otherwise you'll have to travel to another planet system to get the artifacts.
Eclipse: If you don't want to let her out, go to the refugee camp and make a right once you're past the scanners. Keep looking in those areas for a Salarian that's sitting down. Convince him to lead the Eclipse Mercs and you're set.
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User Info: RazielsGhost

5 years ago#6
I've convinced that guy to take over the eclipse but the quest is still active.
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User Info: Superfreak8

5 years ago#7
Yeah that quest glitches in all 3 versions of the game apparently. Happened to me yesterday. I hate broken quests in games. Bioware has had some major issues with broken quests in their last couple games. Anyone remember the completely busted merrill quest line in dragon age 2? Is there some sort of debug mode where you can fix the quest like in da2?
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User Info: Jason_Ryu_3

5 years ago#8
mine didn't clear right away (after convincing the salarian to lead), but after more exploring I just got a message (over the intercom/sheps earpiece) from bailey saying it was settled
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User Info: spanky1

5 years ago#9
What happens if you release the crazy lady from prison? I didn't do it because she looked just a bit too insane, but I was very tempted.

User Info: t_tocs

5 years ago#10
I'm having the same issue with this. I refused to let out, went to try and find another way, found the salarian and he then agreed and said he would contact Aria. No update on the quest though. When I go to Bailey he says "Let me know when you talk to Sadaras" and when I go to Aria she tells me to talk to Bailey. Sadaras (Csec guy) doesn't have a dialogue option and the salarian doesn't either. Not sure what the heck is going on with this quest. The other two are complete though for Aria, just need to figure out how to fix this one.
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  3. Aria's quest to get the eclipse mercs glitched?

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