Dealing with general Oraka?

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User Info: mattdanielc

5 years ago#1
Hi guys

Aria has tasked me with getting the blue sons on our side for the war...and the leader f the blue sons wants me to get rid of general Oraka. Oraka wants me to find some weapons for him....but Ive been all over the citadel and can't find anyone to talk to about them?

Would appreciate any help...I don't want to kill Oraka which is the other option...

User Info: Chorobes1

5 years ago#2
There's a Salarian in a store in the commons where the 6 is on the map that you can talk to. He then tells you he only barters now and wants an artifact in return for weapons.

User Info: wisdom_cube

5 years ago#3
the salarian shop keeper at the other end of the presidium. Forgot his name, unfortunately.
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User Info: Bladenyte

5 years ago#4
in the same map that you talked to the general, you want to talk to one of the salarian store merchants. its hard to explain where it is because i dont have the game running, but just run by all the buildings looking for the blue quest marker to show up when you get close
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User Info: mattdanielc

5 years ago#5
Thanks for the help guys. Can't believe I went all over the station when he was right next to me lol

Now I just need to find an artefact :)
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  3. Dealing with general Oraka?

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