Reaper Noise

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User Info: jenova

5 years ago#1
So, does anyone here know how I can get the Reaper Noise as a ringtone? Googling has gotten me nothing but horrible rips of the sound. I would like the one that plays when you've scanned too many planets, if possible. I'm not sure how to do it, I don't have the game on PC at any rate.

where doing it man, where MAKING FETCH HAPEN.

User Info: ncaIvin

5 years ago#2
I too would be interested in this, as I've actually had dreams where I was at my job and the Reapers were invading and it was a damned inconvenience and, since my dreams are at present filled with the call of the cosmic cuttlefish, I'd love to complete the circle and make it my ringtone.

User Info: IIPyroII

5 years ago#3
I found this one.

Hope it helps.
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User Info: Charliesix

5 years ago#4
isn't it in the inception soundtrack ? :P
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User Info: Maiagare

5 years ago#5
You like that sound? God, I hate it so much. When Shepard went to retake Earth and I had to listen to that noise like a dozen times with the screen shaking and everything, I felt like punching my screen every single time. It's terrible.

User Info: Rodimus_Prime

5 years ago#6
The Reapers aren't meant to be pleasant.
"There is no way for you to stop, my relentless advance."-Frederic from Eternal Sonata

User Info: pres_madagascar

5 years ago#7
i love that sound

User Info: SolidusR4S2

5 years ago#8
The trumpets of God....
"indoctrination makes people mad.... "

User Info: hamsterofdeath2

5 years ago#9

i like the "spring" sound when they fire at you

User Info: nmi576

5 years ago#10
I like Harbinger's voice. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

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