[Spoilers] How would you write the ending of ME3?

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User Info: maltzsan

4 years ago#1
I will start:

(1) Break down last priority mission into three shorter parts:

Part 1: London ruins (condensed to about 1/3 of the length)
Part 2: Fight through a giant field of toughest Reapers with collected allies and the entire Normady squad.
Part 3: Fight a Sovereign-class Reaper.

EMS also matters in Part 2 and 3. The higher the EMS the more help Shepard gets.

Then Shepard goes in the Citadel...

(2) Depends on Shepards' Paragon/Renegade points, Shepard have the choices of one or more endings:

Ending 1 (Paragon): Shepard persuades the Reapers to leave.

Shepard has proven that Geth and Quarian can work things out, and the Krogans are now given a chance, so the Reapers should see the hope in organics and realize their flaw in assuming that organics will always fail in the hands of synthetics. Reapers agree cease the attack and leave. (Help rebuild is a little too weird.)

Ending 2 (Renegade): Shepard destroys all Reapers, great damage to Galaxy.

The Catalyst cannot stop Shepard to activate the Crucible. The Crucible fires, destroy all Reapers and decimates a large chunk of the galaxy.

Ending 3 (Neutral, good): Shepard delays Reaper

Reapers retreat, but will come back to "save" the organics should they fail.

Ending 4 (Neutral, bad): This cycle is lost to the Reapers

User Info: Delta123456789

4 years ago#2
Kinda like the Collector Base, Shepard's team wades through fields of enemies and comes across several challenges. If Shep has an applicable war asset (e.g. Krogans charge in and overwhelm a toxin-spewing beast other troops can't get close to) that will deal with the obstacles and Shep can move on. If Shep does not then some other ally or squadmate will be wiped out dealing with it. Sheperd must press on, their resources dwindling as allies pair off to deal with obstacles or fall in battle, until the point Shep reaches the beam (leaving remaining allies to defend it) or dies when there are no allies left to support them (you'd have to do deliberately badly to get the latter).

Maybe allow Shep to survive (if the ending doesn't require self-sacrifice) if they play perfectly and have a full team defending the beam to give Shep a chance to return, the team even disobeying orders to retreat to stay and give their commander a shot.

I would also make the Crucible less of a Deus Ex Machina by saying it was created via study of Sovereign and Collector technology. This way Shep's prior victories become a key turning point for the galaxy, the one distinguishing factor that allows this cycle to do what none has done before and end the reaper menace, rather than relying on some Deus Ex Machina they happened to find lying around which any old idiot could have finished without Shep getting of his/her ass.
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User Info: MachEvolution

4 years ago#3
I had an idea about changing what the Crucible does, instead of outright destroying the Reapers it would prevent them from using FTL, Mass Relays, and FTL Communication methods(including QEC). Also the assault on Earth wouldn't be about activating the Crucible but eliminating Harbinger and other high-priority Reapers that were gathered in that area prior to you activating the Crucible.

As for the Crucible origins, it would initially still be found in the Prothean archives, but the plans would be incomplete since the Protheans and other previous cycles were unable to study the Reapers themselves enough to figure out how to make the device target Reapers and only Reapers. With the knowledge this cycle gained from defeating Sovereign 3 years earlier they are able to finish the designs and build it. And instead of needing to plug it into the Citadel, any Mass Relay will work. There is no catalyst.

You could throw in an extra mission about obtaining certain hardware/software from a living Reaper if you wanted to and call that the "catalyst" but the idea for getting that objective would be from current-cycle scientist instead of the found designs for the Crucible.

With Reapers unable to communicate or travel the vast distances of Space, it becomes very feasible to slowly take back the galaxy and eliminate the Reaper threat once and for all. You're various "war assets" would determine how well the battles around the galaxy would play out. You wouldn't have very many on-foot missions in this part of the game, it would be more like playing Risk in assigning troops to various areas and then watching the battle play out dynamically based on your choices. You'll only actually play this part for a few major battles, like species Homeworlds and maybe a couple other important locations as optional missions.

The game finally ends when the Reapers around each major specie's homeworlds are eliminated, with celebrations and fan-service aplenty.

It's just a few rough ideas though. It honestly isn't difficult at all to come up with a better ending than the one we were given, which just makes it all that much worse.

User Info: dekou

4 years ago#4
The overall story is what needs fixing, not just the ending. The entire Crucible mess is a good example of poor writing. The ideas the previous two posters who are, sadly, much better.

User Info: maltzsan

4 years ago#5
Yes, I agree that ideally the entire ME3 should be redone. Crucible's role can be toned down and ideally mentioned in late ME2. But of coruse the writers at that time probably had no clue of crucibles.

Starting ME3 at the invasion of earth gives a sense of urgency, but then the game makes Shepard wander around to scan planets and eavesdrop on people to do side-quests... this feels really awkward. It will be nice if the plot evolves around "invasion of earth is imminent", worlds after worlds before Earth fails, and the finale centers on the Galaxy's final stand on Earth (as the crucible is finally completed).

Before the finale, missions can be centered on the mostly unsuccessful attempts to save other species, mixed with resolving the conflicts of Krogan Genophage, Quarian - Geth, even Cerberus - Alliance.

User Info: Caelestine

4 years ago#6
People are going to hate this suggestion...

They build so much on star child so as much as I hated it, this suggestion would not remove it. I would do variation of the refuse ending but instead I would not show any aftermath. Just Shepard defiant to the end and let the gamer imagine what the canon ending would be :p

User Info: Rizzonater

4 years ago#7
for the most part I agree with this

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User Info: Delta123456789

4 years ago#8
The thing is I don't think the Star Kid isn't a bad idea in theory, it was just very poorly executed. I can quite see how someone tasked with preserving life could give into despair after seeing unending conflict they could do nothing about, and deciding on a terrible solution as a result (the reapers may be idiotic, but they'd make sense to a literal-minded AI). The problem is we don't see any of this background. Because the reapers were so "successful" we have no idea how horrible earlier cycles and frequent robot wars were.

Star kid's problem was not being foreshadowed or closely tied to the game's themes enough (synthetic war was never really central to ME3's plot) rather than being an inherently bad idea.

The Crucible coming out of nowhere is a bigger problem I'd say. I realise the plot wasn't planned out in advance (it was originally going to feature the Dark Energy mentioned on Tali's ME2 recruitment mission) but at least within ME3 they should have done more to justify its appearence than "we missed that PTO at the bottom of the Mars archives, Doy!"
DF: So why can a Marauder roll but a multiplayer Turian can't?
Delta1-9: You are fighting female turian husks. You have reach but they have flexibility.

User Info: dekou

4 years ago#9
When you haven't planned a plot in advance, you should look at what you've already told and incorporate it into your narrative. Even if the writers of ME3 didn't write the dark energy part of ME2, they could've done something with it. For example, further investigation of the phenomenon could've given you a weapon against the Reapers or maybe they're using dark energy as a power source and you could've found a way to disable it. Either idea would require justification, but after some brainstorming they could've come up with a way to use the dark energy subplot without its intended heat death climax.

It seems turning random crap into foreshadowing and telling people it was totally intended is, unfortunately, not something current BW writers are capable of.
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