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User Info: EmeraldMoss

7 years ago#1
Is there something special you need to do in order to attack towns? The only "Pirates" game I've ever played was "Pirates Gold" on the Genesis, but this game is so similar I'd swear it was a remake. (and if it is, all the better)

However, even if I sail near or into enemy towns, I'm unable to attack them. Oddly enough, I also can't go ashore and march into towns on foot. The ship just turns around once I try to sail on land or towards a beach. In the old genesis game, you could attack towns (and it was a pretty important part of the game) so I'm assuming you can in this one as well. Do you need to so something special besides just sailing into town in order to attack it? I just can't figure it out
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User Info: Roarkaz

7 years ago#2
Go near it and just press A when the option appears in the bottom right corner of the screen.

Very easily missed but then Pirates was never really too user friendly.

User Info: EmeraldMoss

7 years ago#3
That option never appears for me, both when nearing towns or when nearing land. I'm still unable to attack towns or go ashore. Everything else seems to work fine. I can enter towns, trade, talk to the governor, visit the taern, ect. I can attack and capture (or sink) ships.

I just never seem to be given the option to attack towns. And since I also can't go ashore, I can't find buried treasure or search for lost relatives. I'm really at a loss
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User Info: Es57

7 years ago#4
I've got the same problem. I can't go ashore or attacks towns.
How are you supposed to to it ?

User Info: Kavalier

7 years ago#5

In my experience with this game you can only attack towns (get the bombardment minigame) if the country the town belongs to is so angry with you that they attack you on sight. (You'll typically know this to be the case because the town's fort, if it has one, will lob cannonballs at you when you sail nearby.) Approach a town like this and you'll trigger the bombardment minigame.

If this isn't happening for you, just pick a country and keep attacking every ship of theirs you see for a little while. Soon enough, that nation's towns will turn against you.

User Info: Es57

7 years ago#6
Thanks for the answer, but I figured it out by myself anyway.

Yet, I have still problems with treasure hunting. How are you supposed to get treasures or find lost relatives if you can't get on land ?
I have a complete map indicating the place where my sister is being held, but I cannot do anything when I approach the location. Is there something special to do ?

User Info: Psychobabylon

7 years ago#7
Use the B trigger to bring up the telescope lens. Use that to search the land masses around where the "X" is indicated on the map. The cabin/treasure/lost city/hideout should appear, then just land your ship.

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