Raid rifts - will they stay open?

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User Info: Xenophon1

6 years ago#1
Raid rifts seem like an awesome idea...I can't wait to see them in practice. Right now the plan is for the raid rifts to be open for anyone to participate in, but only the initiating raid group (the group using the lure) will get the box of purple loot (with anyone else getting tokens/planarite).

Trion said they are not sure how they will actually work out - it's kind of an experimental thing. They want to see how things play out post-launch and if things don't work out as hoped, they will flip a switch and either put a bubble around the raid rift so only the initiating raid can participate or transport the players to their own instance.

I'm wondering if the open rift raids will turn into a loot trading game - get your 10 man raid together, and get a few more groups to help you zerg the raid, collect your loot, and then help the other group(s) complete their raid rift and get their loot.

Or what about the 10-man group trying to learn the encounter in an organized manner...and along comes a group of people legitimately wanting to help (put griefers aside for a minute) but turning the encounter into a giant cluster****.

I don't know. I hope it works out so that the raid rifts stay open - I think it's cool to have some open world raids in addition to the traditional style and it's nice to have raids (as far as I know) off a lockout schedule.

User Info: LaManoNeraII

6 years ago#2
They have time limits, though I don't know the specific numbers. You're rewards will also be greater the faster you complete them, IIRC. Also, raid rifts require various materials to open, so they likely won't be a casual thing.
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User Info: jzero91

6 years ago#3
This is the first I have heard of this. That sounds like it would be pretty awesome actually. Open world Raid Rifts? I would love to see some of those. Especially if they have big giant bosses show up. The idea that if only the people who set it up get the epic loots and everyone else just gets the usual RIFT loot stuff for doing a RIFT makes sense and sounds like it would work to me. The only problem I can really see is that it would be possible like you said to probably abuse it by having your 10-man raid open it, then having like 40 people ready to help out. But if you have 40 people willing to help out , then you probably deserve the help lol.

User Info: diabloboost2

6 years ago#4
2 content patches later, no one will want to do raid rifts. Watch. I guarantee it.
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User Info: Xenophon1

6 years ago#5
jzero - these are full-fledged raid encounters - multiple bosses with the big, bad at the end and traditional raid boss mechanics (i.e., not pure tank n' spank - adds, multiple phases to encounters, etc).

That's why I'm hoping they stay open :-)

User Info: JamieK1981

6 years ago#6
diabloboost2, i am thinking you are wrong, during the beta tests, i did 1000s of rift closures and i had practicually fully blue gear from the vendor that you trade those items you get for closing them and i can assure you, i never got bored of doing them and each day, a group of people were going all over the place to close the rifts exclusively.

I am thinking that at the most, it will be reduced to something you can do to take some rest of questing or pvp or something, but never get done again? nah, i don't see it happening, especially since you can technically solo close minor rifts and they can get done in like 5 minutes, the major ones though are group specific rift encounters, so no, they will never get boring.

User Info: chrion133

6 years ago#7

Your guild could spend all day hunting down rift raids that the opposing faction is trying to do and ruin them. omg I cant wait!

User Info: MadcowVII

6 years ago#8
but like i thought you could only grief the other faction on a pvp server what is this i don't even
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User Info: Garudin

6 years ago#9

From: MadcowVII | Posted: 2/24/2011 10:45:58 AM | #008
but like i thought you could only grief the other faction on a pvp server what is this i don't even

From my understanding it's built somewhat like Aion(another MMO for those that don't know) where just like other MMO there's a big island meant for each side and that since the two sides are enemies you can go to the other side to kill enemy players there or ones that come to your side(Aion did this through gates that appeared called Rifts)

Also PvP means just that Player vs Player and lots of games like this one take it literally in that PvP servers mean you can attack anyone at anytime and in PvE servers you can only attack enemy players at anytime
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User Info: apocalypsehorse

6 years ago#10

yes, anyone that helps gets loot it's just not as good as the actual raiders.

my favourite thing is that they managed to squeeze a raid into the same area as a rift.

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