is there a way to get multiple action bars?

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  3. is there a way to get multiple action bars?

User Info: StormEagIe

6 years ago#1
say what

User Info: Lord_Badmagic

6 years ago#2
Don't even have it yet but vids on youtube show up to 7 bottom bar rows and +X side bars, Esc-Settings-Interface I think but like I say, don't even have it yet so going from memory of a vid.
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User Info: N0tYrBeezin

6 years ago#3

Go into options-->Interface, then you can have up to 4 horizontal bars and 4 vertical bars on your right, I think. Not sure about the numbers but I did have 3 horizontals and 2 verticals in my set up.

User Info: DamageDealerz

6 years ago#4
Settings---interface----action bars
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User Info: snoognz123

6 years ago#5
settings, then interface, then action bars, then add heaps.

User Info: Marikhen

6 years ago#6
Also, you can put items on your action bars you can't interact with. This means you don't need addons to track how much ore you've mined.

Also, Escape -> Click on Interface -> Click on Action Bars -> Select number of bars you want to get wasted with.
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  3. is there a way to get multiple action bars?

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