Best mage dps soul?

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User Info: smackfan

6 years ago#1
What is it?
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User Info: pies12

6 years ago#2
Pyro followed by lock from my understanding
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User Info: Randy08

6 years ago#3
bump, i'd like to know this too.

User Info: CrossCrucial

6 years ago#4
depends. burst or sustainable? single target or AoE?
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User Info: Randy08

6 years ago#5
i dont even know the difference between burst and sustainable.. yes i am a noob and if its okay with you can you care to explain both and what souls are good for each?

User Info: maven1979

6 years ago#6
Necro is best for solo. Kill time is about the same as pyro but necro has self heals, a great pet and no downtime.

Pyro is the best burst (quick hard hitting damage) and also great sustained (long fights) dps

Either of those will yield about 8 second kills on even level mobs. The other souls are much longer annoying fights solo.

Stormcaller is fine for aoe but unless I was with an "aoe group" I would still pick Pyro. The stormcaller damage from aoe just is not impressive enough to outweigh how much better single target damage pyro can offer. And in pvp, a couple bards or chloro's will outheal your stormcaller's aoe damage just from passive heals.

That being said, Archon and Chloro are excellent souls just not "best dps". Warlock is a great secondary and terrible main, Elemental summoner is just not good on any level. Don't have any experience with Dominator.

User Info: BMEgal

6 years ago#7
Here's my two cents, and some basic info for new players: For sustained dps, any soul that allows you to gain mana in-combat will help you in long, drawn-out fights. Channel Elements (elemental summoner), Sacrifice Life: Mana (warlock), and Mana Wrench (dominator) are a few examples of in-combat mana regen abilities. Some of these are easily obtainable from your 2nd or 3rd soul tree, so I wouldn't determine your primary soul based on mana abilities. Be cautious of some abilities that can't be used in combat, like Revitalize (elemental summoner)...make sure to read the tooltips on your abilities. There are three souls that focus on dps: Pyromancer, Warlock, and Stormcaller. Pyro is the glass cannon--heavy hitting fire spells with lots of damage buffs, but at the expense of increased damage taken or decreased health. If you're in a group you shouldn't be getting hit by mobs anyway, so Pyro is a great choice for single-target dps. Warlocks also do great dps, though they need time to build up to it because they focus on DoT (damage over time) spells. Once an enemy has 5-6 DoT's rolling on him, he can take a ton of damage. Locks also have several abilities to heal themselves, as well as their own mana regen talent mentioned above. They are an excellent self-sustaining soul, and when paired with a pet-based soul can also be deadly in soloing. Many people pair Warlock and Chloromancer together for off-souls, since you can use Sacrifice Life: Mana to regen your mana, then use your life spells to heal yourself back up. Stormcallers focus on AoE damage, which is handy in situations where you're dealing with lots of mobs, but I have to offer a word of caution here. If you're planning on doing raids and dungeons, AoE generally pulls unwanted mobs--NOT an ideal situation. This might be a better soul for rift raiding or PvP, as AoE damage would excel in those fields, but if you're planning to raid I'd choose to run with something else. So, for the TLDR version: Pyro = glass cannon, great burst damage but best paired with a soul that offers mana regen Lock = great sustained damage and survivability Stormcaller = AoE damage, but be careful of the mobs that you'll pull with said AoE

User Info: BMEgal

6 years ago#8
Grrr....sorry for the wall of text, for some reason my spacing didn't work out.

User Info: LeVulcan

6 years ago#9
BMEgal, you can always edit your post and throw some spaces in there. No biggie.
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User Info: Alessar

6 years ago#10
I think maven's post is a good summary, particularly for choosing your first soul. You can always supplement with a pet, or a heal, or a mana restoration skill later, but doing so takes points away from your primary.

More significantly, at 13th level you can unlock all the other souls so if you don't like your initial choice or want to respec, you can do so. For instance, I have a Stormcaller. I don't love the AoE damage but I ended up being able to play with a group of friends so it was fine. (Actually better than fine, another friend was also playing a stormcaller and the upshot was we were building off each other's hypothermia and electrocuted status effects). On the other hand I have a pyromancer on another server and I got tired of dying. At level 15 I was just not able to kill anything before it mauled me badly and if there were two mobs just forget it. (Also, who the heck names a single target spell FIREBALL??) Finally I just said I was done with it and turned that character into a Chloromancer/Warlock/Necro. I only have the non-tank undead pet but I'm already much happier.
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