best way to spend planarite and sourcestones?

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User Info: esoterika

6 years ago#1
I am currently level 27 and have not spend any of the planarite or sourcestones I've collected. I'm not really sure what to spend it on and don't want to waste it, so can someone tell me what the best use for it is? Save it for planar focus cores or get items to help rifts and invasions? Or items??

User Info: ZeroHiei

6 years ago#2
First Sigil -> Sigil of the Sea -> Sigil of the Five

All you'll ever need.
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User Info: XboxBloke

6 years ago#3
ZeroHiei posted...
First Sigil -> Sigil of the Sea -> Sigil of the Five

All you'll ever need.

You forgot the medic for 15k planarite.
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User Info: guncaddy

6 years ago#4
planar squirrels!
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User Info: Keyh

6 years ago#5
You can get away with just saving up for Sigil of the Five. After that, the planar abilities are decent, and some of the essences the rare planar goods merchants sell are ok.
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User Info: Alessar

6 years ago#6
The planar armor you can get in the first zone is great and can easily take you from 12/14 all the way up to the low 20s. Obviously you've missed out on that now. A couple of the planar foci are great (Sigil of the Land is the other side's name for one mentioned above I believe).

For 50 planarite, yes FIFTY, you can buy the Ascended Power to buff wardstones. Get it, use it. There's also one to summon reinforcements in case a foothold takes over a stone but I haven't used it yet.

Basically if you see a piece of equipment that you can afford that is a big upgrade go for it. There is, by the way, a 30,000 planarite cap. Someone on the OB at level 50 discovered this by overshooting that limit by a considerable amount.

User Info: Fdshadow

6 years ago#7
Holy Champion, and the Deviant equal. Double damage and 75% less incoming from invasion enemies. Combined with the Flare, I can break stacked footholds and Elite invasions in an instant, useful when nobody seemingly realizes at least one Wardstone needs to stay up in order to fight a large scale invasion boss.

I also bought a new planar focus (from 2 lesser to 3 lesser 1 greater), but kept it in the bank since you cannot reuse essences you already placed. Basically, once you get the Sigil of the Five, you no longer need a new focus, right?

Otherwise, if you don't buy something with your current stones, the next zone and leveling will make them useless anyways, just grab something. It's not like Planarite is hard to get anyways.

User Info: mimycri

6 years ago#8
You could have multiple sigils with different essence sets.
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