Pet classes any fun?

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User Info: swatti87

6 years ago#1
I didnt have user in the offical forums, so il just post it here, be gentle:

For a loooooong time i ended up finding an mmo i could seriously get into, but for some reason i allways seem to end up with classes using pets or npc's to to their dirtywork, often beeing rather rubbish at it... With few nice exeptions, like the 'invisible necromancer in AoC with 5hp but 10 pets' swarming around etc. Was just too much fun in pvp :D

So, what i can see and read about this game, is that it has pet classes, quite a few by the looks of it, and then this interesting class-mixing thingy... Now, the grand question is: is there a some sort of summoner class or can players get multible pets?

User Info: hunaxor

6 years ago#2
Warriors have one soul with pets its close to White Lion from WAR. Clerics can have Druid soul with some healing pets and stuff. Rogues can have Ranger soul, its like Hunter from WoW. And mages can be Necromancers with skeletons and Elementalists have some kind of elemental.

User Info: AtlantisRisingI

6 years ago#3
They added Walmart to a pre-order store and Walmarts pre-order is the "Shambler Hatchling Pet"
I found a screen but couldn't find any screen from official website but on the Walmart site

If you like pets get this one because the other pre-order give you a cool effect and +10 resistances.
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User Info: Martin Pagan

Martin Pagan
6 years ago#4
Ranger was somewhat bland in my opinion because unlike in WoW you do not tame your pet but get it as a summon (just like all the other pet classes). In WoW I got the distinct feeling of "Yes, this is my pet, I tamed her and named her and she's been with me since level 10." In Rift all rangers get the same pets so there's not feeling of variety or uniqueness at all.

On the upside (althought I haven't checked if this is also the case with the necro and beastmaster) you can name both your ranger and your elementalist pet. I called by earth elemental Rocky :D
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User Info: PoisonArc

6 years ago#5
@Martin Pagan

I agree greatly. Taming your own pet is epic and adds a ton of variety. Ser Crabsalot the crab was mostly a joke at first, but after about 10 levels I was really thinking I'd never get rid of that crab, we had a bond :(

Not to mention they actually grow in size with ya.
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User Info: swatti87

6 years ago#6
But i take it, your still limited to ONE pet all the time? WoW being as broken as ever this sertainly does look rather impressive, but if this still follows the typical one pet and some ugly "companions", il wait for the trial before i put my money down...

Seems this does something wow doesnt tho. In wow every big patch or addon destroys the balance. PvP the worst, in rift it does seem more easy to swap or customize your class instead of rerolling a whole new one just cause the devs messed up.
Its fun hitting top3 in dps at lich king fight and now get kicked cause you cant do half of what the tanks do.

User Info: GeneStarwind

6 years ago#7
Necromancers get a mage tank and rogue per which you can have 1 out at a time. If you fully spec into necromancer you get an ability to summon all of them for a short duration. Another ability summons 5 skeletons for as long as you have charge.
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User Info: Martin Pagan

Martin Pagan
6 years ago#8
I'm not absolutely sure but I thought that my mage's earth elemental also grew in size as I levelled up. Or maybe I just imagined it. But yeah, I still remember taming my first pet in WoW - a cat from Ghostlands I called Kasumi. This way you get an actual feeling of partnership with your pet. When it's a summon... well... it's just generic, even if you get to name it.
Lengyel, magyar ket jo barat, egyutt harcol, s issza borat. -- Hungarians FTW!
XBL/PSN gamertag: Poganin

User Info: lufia22

6 years ago#9
Elementalist get a talent in the 5th tier of their soul tree that lets you summon a greater earth and air elemental.

Some classes seemed to rely on on pets more than others. For mages, it seemed like the necromancer was much more of a pet centric class than elementalist was.

User Info: n0matter

6 years ago#10
Rift has five pet classes to WoW's two, basically one in each calling and two for mages. What I like about Rift's system is that there's a mix of pet classes that use them for support (druids have their faerie for debuffs and healing), some that use them for dps (elementalist) and some that use them for tanking and/or dps (hunter, elementalist). I think it's an improvement overall for people who want variety in their play style but it comes at the expense of not being able to customize your pet as well as you could in WoW. No fancy skins or talent trees for you pet, etc. Who knows, though, we may see that sort of thing in the future. Right now it's basically pet customization (WoW) versus spec customization (Rift).
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