Rift is a good game... try it out

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User Info: Matt1128Y

6 years ago#1
I think asking whether or not Rift is a WoW-killer is nonsensical. Even if Rift were a perfect MMORPG, it wouldn't kill WoW. WoW has way too much steam for it to be killed by any single MMORPG, unless we're talking about something like WoW 2 or WoS (World of Starcraft).

In any case, I've played WoW for a long time; I've played AOC; I've played Lineage 2; I've played EQ II; I've played Eve Online; and I've played Warhammer. But I think Rift is more fun than all of these games. Don't get me wrong... I played WoW for 6 years and I think it's a very polished and well-made game, and even thought it was fun for a time, but I got sick of the over-the-top silliness in WoW and its constant references to pop culture. I think If WoW had a more realistic look with little-to-no silliness (e.g., FAAAAAAAAbulous blood elves) or references to pop culture, then I think I would have enjoyed the game much more.

Rift has much of what WoW has except that its art direction and atmosophere is more realistic and dark (more war torn). Rift has an achievement system, BGs (Warfronts), guild perks, a crafting system, raiding, etc. The combat system and UI is very much like WoW, which is a good thing. WoW has a great combat system and UI. Why complain about that? One cool thing about Rift is that there is a crap load of classes to pick from. First you pick an archtype: cleric, rogue, warrior, or mage, and then later you pick 3 souls, which are basically talent trees; and you can stick all your points into one soul, or spread them out between the three. Each archetype has 9 classes (or souls). Another cool thing about Rift is that there are these things called... Rifts... (amazing I know) that are constantly opening up in zones in which undead, water elementals, fire elementals, etc., start pouring in. You can run up to one of these Rifts, join up with nearby adventurers (via public quest), kill the the invaders, seal the Rift, and get loot. Also, once in awhile there are these zone-wide events called invasions where patrols of NPCs (undead, fire elementals, etc.) try and take over the zone. They will try to destroy these things called Wardstones that are near quest hubs and towns, and then attempt to erect their own--effectively taking over the hub or town. You will have to retake the wardstone before you can turn in any quests or accept anymore quests from that area. And at the end of the invasion there is a raid boss that you need to kill. Pretty cool.

There is also something like archeology (for those who play WoW) in Rift... except that it's not as tedious nor do you need to train in it or anything. Throughout the world there are things you can pick up, books, hats, etc., and they're all part of sets. Once you complete a set you can turn it in to receive money, a special currency, and experience. It's just something that encourages exploring. I've also heard of people discovering special areas with hidden chests or what have you that drop cool items or give you quests. Again, just another way to encourage exploring.

Regardless, I think if you're a fan of MMORPGs, then you should give Rift a try. If you don't like it, then fine, move on... I'm guessing Gamespot will probably give this game more or less an 8.5. But let me just iterate that this game is far more polished and fleshed out than Warhammer or AOC was when they were released. If the developers of Rift listen to the playerbase and continue to develop the game in an intelligent manner, then I think Rift will be WoW's first strong competitor.

Thanks for reading.

User Info: Matt1128Y

6 years ago#2
I also forgot to mention that you can dye your armor, for what that's worth. There's a PVP currency (for buying pvp gear) and that there seems to be a lot of titles, both prefix and suffix titles. You get titles for just being an Outfitter, for instance (that's a tradeskill). So you can be So-and-so, Master Outfitter. You can also name your pets by just right clicking their portraits... and you can do it an infinite number of times.

User Info: Wyn04

6 years ago#3
The only reason people stay in WOW is because they are so used to it that they are afraid of trying something new...especially when a lot of other MMOs before Rift flopped..

But trust me...this one can stand up to WOW.
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User Info: george43

6 years ago#4
Ironpeak mountains is a better zone than anything WoW has ever put together.

User Info: juzzieb

6 years ago#5
Wyn04 posted...
But trust me...this one can stand up to WOW.
I know you are wrong in saying this based off the rest of your statement. WoW is hands down the best PVE MMO of all time... some people just don't like it because they aren't very good at it. You have the odd bunch that want more RVR based PVP. But the latter case is quite uncommon, knowing that as one of the them...theres only a small handful of my kind that get bored of WoW because of its lack of RVR. Everyone else is incredible and that is why people don't leave it.

User Info: xCha0s

6 years ago#6
if i tried all of those new MMOs out there like aion and whatnot id be scared too, those mmos all sucked. the only other one i liked was guild wars, and even that one sucks now.
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User Info: juzzieb

6 years ago#7
xCha0s posted...
if i tried all of those new MMOs out there like aion and whatnot id be scared too, those mmos all sucked. the only other one i liked was guild wars, and even that one sucks now.
Agree, I stuck it out with Warhammer for a little while just because its the only modern game that offered RVR...but overall the game was pretty bad.

All the others MMO's either suffered from content (Lotro), both content and balance (AOC/WAR/Aion/Fury)..... or were just down right boring and horrible (FF14/EVE/EQ+2)

User Info: Deathsai2000

6 years ago#8
I'd say EVE is pretty successful, and it certainly isn't new.
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User Info: DarkDruidSS

6 years ago#9
I'm in the RvR crowd. Trion might be adding some more RvR elements to the game in the future based on their comment that if the community wanted it then they would add it. I like Rift either way, but if they do add meaningful RvR into Rift then I would like it all the better. If they can put it in and make it work well then I might be a long term Rift player.

Right now the only RvR portion of the game is the ancient wardstones that your faction can control and if your faction controls all of them in a zone then it is supposed to spawn a rare world boss. To my knowledge this feature isn't currently active in the game yet, but there were some leaked notes about it a couple months back.

We will have to see what Trion does in the coming months and hopefully they will listen to the community because I think RvR could really make this good game something great (if implemented correctly).
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User Info: frkeysh

6 years ago#10

WoW has been out for 6 years, which means it has been polished a lot. You can't compare WoW to other MMOs just because of that, just think of how many patches WoW has got over the years and cataclysm being the 3rd expansion of course its better. That's one advantage WoW will have over any other MMO. Comparing how WoW was when it just got released. Blizzard know they are superior and I don't think they have made that big improvement over these 6 years. Some competition will make Blizzard open their eyes and they will start to change everything as soon as they realize they will loose their fanbase. I personally think that WoW will die out maybe not in a while but it will happen. One thing they have changed a lot is by implementing character transfer, race change, faction change, name change... all that cost cash. For me Blizzard are greedy f**cks. They will milk out every single penny from you, because they know they can.

We all know how Cataclysm will turn out... in the begining it's much harder to get Epic gear, eventually to get epics will be as easy as breathing. They do that just to keep their fans toward the end of every expansion. Why not trying to change gameplay? Change animations? Change graphics a bit more? It's good that Blizz get some competition, like T.E.R.A having a completely new type of gamplay and Guild Wars 2 having some amazing stuff coming up. I'd say HOORAY for new MMO's because WoW is getting very much outdated.

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