Best class?

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User Info: TheGeneJeanie

6 years ago#1
In your opinion what is your favorite?
And now for something completeley different :)

User Info: EnjoyMe

6 years ago#2

Then favorite?
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User Info: TheGeneJeanie

6 years ago#3
"In your opinion"
And now for something completeley different :)

User Info: Marikhen

6 years ago#4
You start with the title "best class" then ask for our opinion on what our favorite is. FYI, when someone states what their favorite whatever is it's not going to be an opinion, ever. It's going to be a fact.

Also,just to answer the topic, the best class is study hall.

User Info: Prince_DarkDrop

6 years ago#5

I like Marksmen/Assassin/Riftstalker best.It's a risky build soloing can be tough when 3 or more mobs end up in the mix .

I do the story quest but mostly PvP and hunt Rifts .

User Info: Curzad

6 years ago#6

The best class combo in the game is always the one your playing. Took me 2 days of testing beforeI picked the combo I enjoy which is Bard/Ranger. My advice, your paying for the game so pick something you love. Don't pick something based on another gamers exp.

User Info: xCha0s

6 years ago#7
the best is definately warrior far and away, the worst is mage
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User Info: Boyette1

6 years ago#8
My favorite so far is my ranger/marksman. Great dps.

User Info: Esrac

6 years ago#9
""In your opinion""

In this're asking for two separate things. You first ask for "What is best?" and then "What is favorite?" The quality "Best" can probably be objectively deduced, but favorite is a matter of opinion.

I only mention this difference because you at least seem to be asking these two separate questions as if they were the same thing.

User Info: BahamutDarkFire

6 years ago#10
I read nothing about the classes in this game before playing. I gravitated to the Warrior role, and just by reading abilities and checking up on how they combine on the Wiki, ended up with Rift/Para/Champ. Now to find out it was considered an OP build in beta, I can tell you I absolutely OBLITERATE mobs with little to no risk.

It's almost stupid how powerful this combo is.

Oh and Rift's spammable ranged attack that combines with the attack increasing early Paragon skill is ridiculously OP at early levels. I just stand at range with 3 attack points, hit the attack increase (iron something), spam the range attack over and over again. Dead mob. Next.


I'm not totally loving this game, because right from the onset it's very cookie-cuttery with clearly OP'd combinations.
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