newbie looking to buy storm legion, have a few questions

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User Info: Dragonside

4 years ago#1
Are there any store specific extras you are still able to get for buying from a specific retailer? If not, is there any way to simply buy the expansion from Trion directly, like you can do with Blizzard and the WoW expansions, rather than having to buy a physical copy (amazon and steam both seem to not be carrying it do to the changes with Rift going F2P I think)?
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User Info: MrTamago

4 years ago#2
You don't need the expansion, you can just buy the souls in game.

I'm not sure if trion is selling the expansion anymore, f2p is the expansion minus the souls.

User Info: Alessar

4 years ago#3
You can only buy the expansion if you find a boxed copy somewhere.

User Info: unsung_visions

4 years ago#4
To be fair it's cheaper to buy the xpac over just the souls, and you get more for the xpac. F2p accounts only get two chars. per server, and only two bag slots, that is why it is a good idea to buy the box over just the souls. But no, I've looked and only place I've found the box is at retailers, so you have to buy it third party. Didn't see it on steam either which was a shocker.
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User Info: AC_Dragonfire

4 years ago#5
You gotta go to the retail stores in person and hunt down for it. Calling different places I guess.

User Info: Scorpix00

4 years ago#6
So if I go out and buy a Storm of Legions box which says "Expansion Only", will this still unlock the char + bag slots and whatever else they offer for me as if I'd bought both the original game + expansion together?

User Info: SCrnAzn

4 years ago#7
I am curious too about the above question.

I don't own the base game, but If I buy the Storm Legion expansion will I also get the extra character and bag slots?

User Info: iMpLuX

4 years ago#8
^ SL includes the base game so yes you would get all the unlocks + souls. You can also buy the souls off the store for $20 but you don't get the unlocks w/ it.

GameStop is still selling SL New for $20 and at least 4 GS's near me all have it in stock as well as the base game for $5 which would get you all the unlocks minus the SL souls. You also get 30 days as a 'Patron' (sub) included if you haven't already gotten a free 30 days on your Trion account previously.

The route I went was to buy the CE off Amazon for $25 New then spent the $20 for the SL Souls on the Store. I did it this way instead of just spending $20 at GS for SL was so I could get the CE items ($10 on the store) as well as the physical items like the mouse pad and 8GB usb stick.
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