Tera or Rift?

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User Info: MishimaBlood

4 years ago#1
Hi all... I want to start an MMO and those 2 are the only ones that got my attention so far. I used to play Aion and i liked it, the only problem was that after I reached lvl 25 there werent any quests to do and i would just grind all day.. I got bored. So anyway, could you guys tell me about those 2? Which game has more endgame content and which one is the most populated? Im more of a PvE raid/dungeon guy but I also like pvp arenas and BGs( btw, i loved the rifts in Aion were we would gather 15-20 people and invade their world.Super awesome). Any info would be appreciated.. Thanks.
P.S. I also posted the same question on the Tera boards but it doesnt seem to be as active as this. Also, im a gear hoe so does the gear sets look as cool looking as in Tera and Aion?
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User Info: BIadeBIade

4 years ago#2
TERA is closer to an action RPG like Monster Hunter or Phantasy Star.
Rift is closer to a traditional MMO like World of Warcraft.

Gear is much more spectacular appearance wise in TERA than in Rift.

I can't speak on too much else as I haven't played TERA since its beta.
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User Info: EvanW1109

4 years ago#3
If you had a problem with Aion's grind at 25+ you may find a similar problem with TERA. I played TERA until around 35 and found the grind to be a bore and the zones to be bland.

With Rift, the grind isn't as bad because of the many dungeons, instant adventures, and rifts that a player can do when they find themselves without quests in their zone but not quite to the level of the next zone. There are also many overlapping zones that have the same or similar level requirement. I am currently level 50 and don't have the boredom issues I had with TERA.

I played mages in both games, so class really didn't have a lot to do with it. My favor to Rift may also have something to do with playing WoW for two years.
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